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In our Magazine news are important, as well as the research and current issues that interest you, always taking into account that these information are topics of interest for the benefit of our health and that of our family, improving our diet, activity daily and quality of life.

News of Natural Medicine

Natural Medicine is a concept that encompasses complementary and alternative medicines such as herbal medicine, dietary supplements, homeopathy, acupuncture and puncture digit, neural therapy, among others that have now become very popular for the treatment of diseases or as complement of conventional treatments. Natural Medicine promotes the consumption of alternative natural products for the management of diseases, such as the use of medicinal herbs.

Environment News

The environment includes a set of physical, biological and chemical components, in relation to the human being the set of natural, social and cultural factors within a time and a space that influence their daily life and their interaction with the environment and the rest members of the family and the community. It also includes the environment to all living beings, objects, water, soil and air. His care and protection has become one of the most important news of our time.

News about Nutrition

When we talk Nutrition is a balanced diet between energy and nutrients, this is achieved by combining foods of all groups.

Another consideration is that all people have different nutritional needs, and one must take into account their weight, age, physical activity, environment and standard of living. In the same way, an athlete will have greater energy and nutritional requirements. To achieve a high sport performance, a good diet is basic, as well as a good training plan.

The food we consume gives us the energy and nutrients necessary for the proper functioning of our body, for a good performance in our activities and for our body to perform its functions optimally. This energy is measured in calories. Within the news related to this topic, there are also diets, treatments and advances in the subject of nutrition and health.

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