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Discover a large number of recipes to make with cereals. There are many combinations that can be made with wheat, rice, barley, oats, teff, oats and other cereals. Cereals are a fundamental food in the diet, with which apart from bread and pasta you can make soups, desserts and many other dishes.

Cereals are the most important foods in the human diet, due to their nutrients such as carbohydrates, proteins, minerals, vitamins, and fiber. The cereals belong to the family of grasses, their cultivation is very simple and they grow in almost all the world, being a basic food of the population. Recipes with Cereals are rich and varied, here we offer delicious dishes for all occasions.

Properties of cereals

Cereals do not contain the same amount of proteins as legumes, but carbohydrates, and essential amino acids. The cereals are very rich in complex carbohydrates, that is to say those that are of slow absorption, like the sugars, since they do not increase the levels of sugars in blood when being metabolized, their main consumer is the brain. Carbohydrates also improve mood and help against stress, as well as giving us the energy to perform our daily activities.

Cereals also contain abundant fiber, which acts as a toxin scavenger, improves intestinal transit and combats constipation. The World Health Organization recommends a daily carbohydrate consumption of 50%, that is, estros are the basis of our diet.

Cooking with Cereals

To prepare the cereals, many times they have to be cooked, with the exception of couscous or oats; others must soak in water the night before. Rinse with plenty of water and cook faster. To enhance their flavor they can be toasted for a few minutes, and then cooked in plenty of water.

Cereals are an ideal ingredient to prepare soups, main dishes, salads, quisos, desserts, breads and cakes, etc. One of the most popular forms of cereal consumption in pasta, bread and other bakery products such as cakes, cakes and cookies. Always prefers whole grains, since these contain all their nutrients.

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