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Cooking recipes with Soy and its derivatives. The best dishes with soy beans, beans, tofu or soy milk.

Soy belongs to legumes and their consumption as a legume, or its derivatives such as soy milk, tofu and textured soybeans, as well as a variety of products made with it such as cakes, cookies, desserts, etc. There are also numerous Recipes with Soy, which in addition to nutritious, are delicious.

Soybeans have many health benefits due to the quality of their proteins and their phytochemicals, such as isoflavones, saponins, polyphenols and phytate.

Benefits of Soy

Due to the amount of protein, the consumption of soy is especially recommended in childhood, adolescence and pregnancy since during these stages a greater amount of nutrients is needed.

Soy is also rich in potassium, excellent food for patients suffering from hypertension, as well as to prevent rheumatic diseases and arthritis.

Its zinc content is also high facilitates the growth process of children, helps the immune system, heal wounds and combat fatigue.

Soy is a food rich in fiber, which helps improve intestinal transit.

Soy is also high in phosphorus, for healthy bones and teeth and helps improve physical endurance and brain functions, so it is recommended for athletes.

Because of its high content of vitamin B1 soy, helps in situations of stress and depression. The vitamin B5 that contains also combats stress, migraine and reduces cholesterol levels, while vitamin B6, present in soy helps patients with diabetes and asthma. Vitamin B7 strengthens hair, nails and skin. The vitamin B9 of soy is very important in the stages of pregnancy and lactation.

Cooking with Soy

Soybeans and soy-based foods can be easily found in online stores, supermarkets, as energy bars along with other cereals, soy milk and tofu.

Soy does not have a very strong flavor, so they combine very well with most recipes, and can be used as the protein part of the menu, such as tofu that can be used as an ingredient for salads, pasta, creams and soups, etc. .

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