Zamora marketed the first organic lambs Zamora vermarktet die ersten Bio-Lämmer Zamora comercializa los primeros corderos ecológicos

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Zamora marketed the first organic lambs

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Zamora marketed the first organic lambs

Production of the first organic lambs in the province of Zamora will begin today with the slaughter of about forty animals from the region Sayago for further marketing.

It is about Zamora’s first organic meat is going to go on the market with the stamp of assurance of organic product of Castile and Leon and it comes from the herd of Pedro Alonso Santos, in the town of Fariza, reported yesterday by the Junta de Castilla y León.

These lambs will be slaughtered in the municipal slaughterhouse of Zamora, constitute the first batch of ecological milt in province with the addition that also appear in the channel, not only the stamp but also the Protected Geographical Indication (IPG) of milt of Castile and Leon only protects herds of sheep breeds Churra and Spanish.

At this moment, the only organic sheep husbandry in the province is Alonso Santos Fariza (Zamora), but in very short time will be added to the list of sheep farming Cibanal of Javier Alvarez (Zamora), also in the region of Sayago, which is in the process of obtaining the seal of guarantee.

Thus, these are the only two farms that have the mark of organic product issued by the Junta de Castilla y León and IPG of milt of Castile and Leon.

After slaughter of animals and the sealing of channels with different indications of quality and protection, copies will be 24 hours in the chambers of a slaughterhouse for immediate sale.

From be Zamora Deputy, practice of trying to promote organic agriculture and livestock in the province and are being developed in various regions news to farmers and ranchers to raise awareness of the alternative posed by the production of agricultural crops and feeding livestock without the use of chemicals.

Source: Junta de Castilla y León

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1 Reviews about Zamora marketed the first organic lambs
on 05/03/2014
I do not like consuming meat and consuming sheep doesn?t sound so good to me, I do not know if consuming it is good but if the meat comes from organic then you are at least giving the chance of a nice life to the poor animal, so it is ok anyway

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