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Youth, health and beauty, and your biological clock

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Youth, health and beauty, and your biological clock

You may think that youth is not eternal nor is it possible to achieve it forever, but if you consider the biological clock, which is a complex system that directs the body's vital functions, then we can see that each cell in the body that follows this mechanism, can bring harmony and life quality to us.

We can imagine a watch that indicates the number 12. As the clock goes forward, time, on the other hand, is "moving" or going forward as well, and we spent that time in several activities like sleeping, eating, working, resting, etc. The same happens with our body, there is a time set in operation for digestion (optimal times for assimilation and elimination), sleep, wakefulness, etc.. And also there is a rhythm of hormones (endocrine system), and the nervous and endocrine systems. All these internal rhythms are adapted also to other rhythms such as climate, seasons (or rotation of the Earth), day and night, lunar cycles, attitudes and emotions of the person, etc..

If this internal clock is working properly, the body will benefit and will be healthy and full of youth, but if it fails or declines, can cause imbalances and disorders in the body as disease, premature deterioration of tissues, organs or systems and cellular and early aging.

The biological clock have to do with the following body functions:

  • Digestive cycles
  • Sleep-Wake Cycles
  • Hormonal cycles, which are related to conditions such as obesity, sexual desire, learning, fertility, menstruation, etc..
  • Cycles of the nervous system

The biological clock is intended to generate an optimal quality of life and order and balance in the development of biological activities. Although it may vary depending on the activities of the person, it always tends to keep its own harmony and performance.

Youth and biological rhythm

The long-sought eternal youth could be in the biological clock and lifestyle of the person. Somehow the body will die, however, we can avoid deterioration and even aging if we make certain attitudes or behaviors that give harmony to the pendulum of our life rhythms, making all our systems, organs, tissues and cells optimal, more lasting and healthier until the last minute.

Suffering illness or deficiencies and / or weaknessesis is not pleasant when you reach a certain age. Each cell can be programmed to keep it optimal related to the cycles and rhythms of the body.

Chronobiology is a science that starts in the study of biological rhythms, giving special importance to the endocrine, nervous system and sleep-wake periods that are altered over the years.

How to create youth taking into account the vital rhythms?

Trying to live in harmony with the rhythms of life. For example, rates of digestion include the following clock: 12pm to 8pm, the body is in its cycle of ingestion (eating and digesting). From 8pm to 4am, the body is in the process of assimilation (absorption and use of what you have eaten to nourish systems, repair and regenerate cells, etc.) And 4:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m., the body is in elimination phase (waste disposal and debug of body of harmful or toxic substances).

Some examples

When digestive cycles are altered, the body gets into imbalance, it feels angry, irritable, can not perform its functions harmoniously and will wear longer than usual. If you follow these cycles, then the body can work without suffering wear, it will take advantage of nutrients, repair cells and rearranged the whole organism in the most optimal way.

If we eat, for example, a heavy breakfast before 12 o'clock, instead of eliminating, stomach needs to digest, which means that if some waste substances were to be eliminated in the moment, they may be reabsorbed back into the intestine, causing fermentation and blood poisoning. This usually happens when a person stands up very early and have breakfast. The intestine was ready to evacuate, but it has to work, so it cannot perform properly the elimination phase. To avoid this imbalance, we should drink water before noon, or eating foods such as citrus cleansers that help elimination. Pineapple, lemon juice, water, orange, etc.. are good examples for breakfast before 12 o'clock.

On the other hand, the body prepares itself for a break and enters its period of assimilation (absorption and use) from 8pm until 4am. If we stay awake very often, the body cannot absorb nutrients efficiently, so it cannot repair or restore damaged organs and cells, which cause aging and deterioration of the body, even though you eat well. That's why we must respect the hours of sleep, and try not to go to bed after 10pm, avoiding heavy meals such as meat or processed and refined foods, which are quite difficult to digest and take a lot of time to assimilate. It is best to eat apples, fresh vegetables, steamed vegetables or milk that are easy to digest.

Another disadvantage of having a very heavy dinner is that the body may take all night to digest what has been eaten, which stole rest. This is why sometimes we wake up and feel angry or feel that we have not rested for the night.

The mood significantly affects the body's rhythms. Stress, anxiety or anger, for example, often unbalance and disrupt these cycles, hindering the natural action of the body and its functioning. Therefore it is very important to make aware of our feelings and find ways to get in peace to act calmly and with knowledge, which are attitudes that makes the body's natural rhythms flow smoothly and healthily, giving the body lasting health and youth.

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3 Reviews about Youth, health and beauty, and your biological clock
on 09/12/2014
Reading this article was very interesting, and it touched on a lot of things that I've wondered about personally, regarding specifically sleep-wake cycles. I live in Alaska, and as many people know, we experience drastic differences in daylight hours during the different seasons of the year. During the summer I naturally awaken around 5:30am, while in the winter, I often times sleep in until 9am! just feels natural.
on 01/06/2014
This is VERY INTERESTING! I have never listened about a biological clock before, that's why it sounds so wonderful to me! I'm glad of following this webpage and finding new stuff all the time...


on 01/01/2013
Well , I think that the most important factor it's the mental one, because if we have a good attitude, the body feels good and improve itsa health, otherwise it will deteriorate and you will feel really bad and old. It's good to know the schedule of our body, I'm going to apply it in my life

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