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Your True Beauty

Most men and women seek beauty all the time during life, which has an irreplaceable place in societies and cultures of all times: the beauty is the compass of the artists, the muse of aesthetes, the inspiration of poets and competition of many women and men in gyms and beauty shops.

But ... what's really the beauty? What we're really looking for when we look for beauty?

For the Greeks, beauty was synonymous with perfection, and it talks about proportion and balance. The Greeks spoke of a special proportion to determine if something was beautiful or not. For Aristotle, on the other hand, the beauty was not related to what is related to the senses (such as sight or touch), because this beauty could only be watched, but not desired. A person can see, for example, an object with beautiful proportions, like a vase, a face or a body, but doesn’t feel any attraction or desire for this object. Aristotle said that beauty had more to do with what is "good", and the good involved movement, not something static. This can be understood as that beauty has more to do with it that lends to a particular or genuine movement.

We aren’t trying to make a treaty of beauty, but to observe and pay attention to what we really seek when we search our beauty, especially in these times, where everything speaks of beauty and perfection.

There are many women and men of all ages who strive to be something, and spend a lot of time engaged in created a personality or trying to not lose their beauty. Right now, we understand that beauty is associated with certain synonyms: youth, a certain body proportions or symmetry, a hair and flawless skin, maybe a specific hair or eye color, certain height, physical features with some balance, etc. When a person does not comply with these rules, then he/she can be considered ugly.

While speaking of physical beauty, on the other hand there is also the inner beauty, which is this unseen attractive aspect that somehow seduces others. Aristotle defines it as "good" aspect in the person, and "good" for him was what has movement, a particular or unique movement.

If we talk about a person with inner beauty, we could define certain aspects as: balanced, self-confident, creative, honest, conscientious, sensitive, etc. In short, we could say that a person with inner beauty is the one is connected with herself/himself and with others in a sensitive and charismatic way.

Physical beauty and inner beauty

While physical beauty could be as the well designed cover of a book, it is known that a book should not be judged by its cover. If opening a book we note that this does not say anything interesting, repeating the same old things, then no matter how well designed the face, we'll leave it soon. No one would buy or recommend a book that is silly, repetitive, pretentious or has no sense.

For this reason, it has been said that the beauty of a person should not to be judged by appearance, i.e. hair, eye color, height, body, etc. The real beauty is not really about the physical but the content; what we feel, discover, understand and inspire in each person. Let's say that people are like a mysterious book, while we read more and more pages, we are going to realize if it really "worth" or if you enjoyed the company. The beauty is enjoyed, is something we want close, which moves us to delight or truths (simplicity) of life.

Most women and men based their beauty in the comments and stereotypes, and do their best to please their partners and everyone else. And while physical beauty would be a nice wrap of what we are, it is still just that, a wrap. Maybe we attract many with our sculpted body or nice hair, but we would never feel entirely satisfied if we only our beauty is based on the acceptance of others. Thus, we will always feel intimidated by what others say or think because we consider that privileged place on physical beauty requires too many details to be met, and when it does not or is not in our hands, and then we will feel useless or judged.

While caring our bodies with love, dress it with joy, feed it with consciousness and exercise it in good spirits must be part of our daily routine, we must avoid that our physical appearance distracts the beauty that is inside us. The exaggerated care of our appearance does not should take our time to cultivate inner talents, as the appreciation of what we are, our originality, understand and learn to be confident.

Remember something

No one can make us feel beautiful if we did not feel really that way. Nobody can give us admiration or appreciation if we do not learn to cultivate it first. We won’t believe them. We’re going to feel that there is something "bad" inside us. The commentary to our beauty will disappear.

The real beauty is invisible. How to make people notice and never forget it? It's not about how I look. What you see, the facade, is always fleeting, and will go or transform. So some old people that have lost the desired physical beauty, turn to within themselves, and become wise. We need to go further, discovering our genius and we’ll learn to move according to what we truly are, do what we do and not what pleases us, nobody expects us to be a copy or a repetition of something, repeated things are artificial, plastic, fake, boring and uninteresting. The original or natural is always the most beautiful. No flower care about being beautiful. True beauty is what you are, and if you do not know, maybe you have to start by finding out.

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2 Reviews about Your True Beauty
on 29/01/2015
So, the truth is, I am no spitting image of societally accepted beauty. I never have been, and I never will be. I can do my hair nice, and try to look "classy", and yes, I look nice, but never "beautiful". And it's never bothered me once, because it's personality and spirit that really matters. It's the heart.
on 13/11/2012
We have that concept of beauty because of how our parent raised us, and how or grandfathers raised our fathers. We have always believed that beauty is in the eyes, hair, skin or anything that we can see, and feel with the senses. I think is very important to get to know yourself, that you have good and bad things like every human, and even a simple thing like that, makes you beautiful.

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