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Thin legs? Give them shape and volume

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Thin legs? Give them shape and volume

Having thin legs is not something that appeals to many women, but there are who will give whatever to have legs as thin as the models in magazines. In short, thanks to nature there is the exercise and diets, which are excellent aids and the best ways to put a slender body.

You must take into account, however, that although the tips described below will help you gain size and strength in your legs, you should always take note that if your body has a certain constitution, will be difficult for rebasing your natural limits. The ankles, for example, are a part of your legs than can hardly be "fat", so if you have thin ankles, you better learn to love and enjoy, then you can go to marvel legs with beautiful thighs and calves.

Follow a special diet and exercise to strengthen and give volume to the legs.

Exercise routine

If you are a beginner, it is always advisable to begin slowly to avoid injuring or hurting your body unnecessarily. Any of the following exercises can help you for what you want, choose which you like and do repetitions depending on your condition. If you start, it's best to do 5 or so to endure. Always remember to warm up about 5 or 10 minutes before starting any routine.

  • Squats: With the back straight and arms straight out in front and legs apart to shoulder height up and down trying not bending.
  • Scissors: Stand with your back straight and hands behind your head with your feet slightly apart. Take a step forward by opening your stride as you can. Drop your weight on your leg and return to the original position. Repeat with other leg.
  • Adducts in machine: you can perform this exercise in a gym, where there is a special machine to strengthen your legs. You can ask an instructor how to use it.
  • Hamstring Pull (for calves): a step up and put the tips of your two feet on the shore. Stop for a railing or a wall and then your heels up and down so you feel that the holding force your calves.
  • Dancing: Arabic dance and footwork exercises are excellent for turning and giving volume to your legs.


Here is a list of foods that will help you gain muscle mass.

BREAKFAST: included foods such as brewer's yeast, pollen, nuts, almonds, oats and amaranth. The fruit and wholemeal bread should not miss on this breakfast. It is important to have breakfast for your body to have sufficient reserves to gain muscle mass volume.

MEAL: include and vary with fish food (tuna, salmon, etc.), tofu, rice, fresh vegetable salads dressed with extra virgin olive oil, vegetable or cream soups, pastas and bread or tortilla. It is important to leave aside the idea that eating "a lot" helps: this is false. If you eat a lot but not quality, all you get is to increase your stomach and weaken your body. So always look for quality food.

DINNER: ensure that your meal is always an hour before lie down, so do not subtract the appropriate night rest because your body is doing digestion. For dinner, you can choose to include breads, cheeses, vegetables and tofu, natural fruit jams or ham or vegetarian sausage. The baked potato is a good option, you can accompany with a crunchy salad. If you like milk, try vegetable milk which is very nutritious. Soy milk, sunflower seeds, sesame seeds, oats, walnuts, almonds, etc. are some alternatives.

BETWEEN FOODS: You can eat fruit, bananas is excellent for gaining weight. You can also eat dried fruit or granola or amaranth bars.

Do not forget to include plenty of foods containing vitamin A, because many times the weight loss is due to a deficiency of this vitamin. The papaya, carrots, peaches and parsley contain this vitamin. The avocado and olive oil are very good for helping to gain healthy weight. .

Eat slowly

One way to gain weight is to enjoy food and not eat in haste, stress or anxiety, this often prevent from assimilating nutrients well which could cause nutrients loss. Think carefully what you eat...

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2 Reviews about Thin legs? Give them shape and volume
on 25/09/2014
Perfect! Great article, I loved every word of it! I too have very thin legs - I'm a wirey person in general, and it seems like running or yoga by themselves don't really seem to put on much muscle bulk. Going to the gym and lifting weights (or cycling very regularly) also does a GREAT job at putting on mass in the legs.
on 05/06/2013
I do not want to gain more weight but I do want to tone up my legs, they are a little flabby I do not know why, and I need a solution soon. I think the best option in my case is trying to help my body with exercise, because eating fattening food can be bad for my purpose!

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