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Your happiness at your fingertips

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Your happiness at your fingertips

Take a minute and breathe. Tell your brain to stop thinking about work, worries, in washing dishes or finishing your tasks. Take a moment to focus on yourself, breathe and become aware of this, every day is a gift of time and an opportunity.

With the growing ambition to have a better job, a better house, a better salary, we are forgetting to enjoy what we have and even worse who we are and what really motivates us.

Knowing what gives meaning to your life, and what gives you a sense of purpose, is the way to find your happiness. Several studies have shown that those who have found their purpose in life, they also enjoy a fuller life and live longer.

In fact, what we have called ikiyaki in Okinawa, and the Nicoya in Costa Rica, is known as "life plan", which translates into our language and ideology as "why I wake up in the morning” and is worth about 7 years extra our life expectancy.

Through the years, your purpose may change or even miss, but to rediscover it, all you have to do is go back in time and find yourself in a time when you were happy, who was with you? What were you doing? Who were you?

Maybe you've heard many times that happiness is not in the other people, but in ourselves and in the small, everyday things of life.

The science of happiness

If you find your purpose in life and pursue it, can be a guarantee to a fuller life, and happy, not to say that happiness is not present in each of the things we do during the day, in fact science has given the task of investigating which makes a person feel happier, and here are some of the results, how can we feel better with small activities that sometimes we consider absurd.

Watch romantic movies

According to studies, even those tragic love movies, are a good form of entertainment and distraction that although they have a somewhat bitter end, at the end of the film we have only marked the nice things, giving us a sense of wellbeing.

Perfect Mom

There are women who believe that a perfect mother should put the needs of their children on their own, however, this only leads to problems in the mother and child, and the woman may feel dissatisfied and depressed, which interferes with the emotional bond with the child. Experts recommend letting the kids do their own things.

Fake smiles

It may not be genuine, but a fake smile can trick our brain, to contract the muscles of the face and thus provide welfare. The next time you feel sad, smile, and your sorrow will be less.

Happiness prevails

Although it sounds incredible, as the years pass, we are happier. This has a scientific basis, when something good happens around us, like the birth of a baby, finding forgotten money in the pocket of a jacket, get the scholarship you wanted, and more, our brain reacts positively making us feel happy, the bad news is that the same goes for negative and unpleasant situations. However, it has been shown that as we age, our brains react to these situations less negative, as a result, actually happiness prevails.

Choose to be happy

Happiness is and always has been within reach of your hands, enjoy your present, and the little things in life. Find your purpose and what your heart wants. We can all be happy, what you really want is within your heart and no one knows better than you are.

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2 Reviews about Your happiness at your fingertips
on 20/01/2015
Life can be full of complexities, and you guys did a pretty nice job of making things simple in such a short article. The fact of the happiness matter is that it's just always in your own hands. The hard part about growing up, is realizing (and accepting responsibility for) the fact that you can no longer realisticaly blame anyone else for your life.
on 21/03/2013
Hey nice words and article in general, it?s always useful to read something that can make you understand a few things of life and stuff, like finding happiness in the small things that appear in our daily life. I?m going to recommend this to some friends of mine.

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