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Young from the heart to the skin

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Young from the heart to the skin

Youth is not only a matter of aesthetic body, but has to do with factors such as our deepest spirit and willingness to live in a pleasant, creative and exciting way. The following 10 tips will make you look ever young, from the heart to the skin.

1. Food: 

This first point is very valuable and one of the pillars of youth. A balanced diet with enough fat and high-quality, balanced with fiber and fresh foods like fruits and vegetables, and with appropriate levels of proteins, enzymes and carbohydrates, is essential for cells to remain always in a steady and healthy renewal. Seek to include in your diet at least one salad a day and plenty of fresh fruit juices two in the morning seeking the acidic as guava, lemon, oranges or plums, for purifying your body. In the evening, drink a vegetable juice, 3 and the choice varies daily.

2. Anti-wrinkle Food

It is necessary that you include in your diet the following foods that help restore the skin and contain large amounts of antioxidants that protect cells from the damaging effect of free radicals. Blueberries, strawberries, plums, lemons, kiwis and grapes are the favorites. Among the vegetables, prefer fresh sprouts, carrots, garlic, celery and seaweed. Be sure to include foods rich in essential fatty acids Omega-3 are ideal for the restoration of the skin and certain vital functions. Salmon, sardines, olive oil extra-virgin and nuts are the favorites. Remember that vitamin C helps keep your skin elastic, and is present mainly in citrus fruits, broccoli, tomatoes, cauliflower, melon and guava.

3. Prevent or reduce the consumption of irritating food

The alcohol dries the skin and clogs the functions of the liver. White sugar wears the nervous system and impairs many vital functions of the body, and it rots your teeth and creates tension and anxiety states.

4. Exercise

Exercise oxygenates the tissues and keeps the blood circulating efficiently, distributing nutrients and puts to work optimally and strengthens internal organs. Exercise helps maintain the freshness and elasticity of the skin, gives strength to the muscles and improves the immune system and cognitive abilities.

5. Stop Smoking

Smokers (whether direct or indirect) are biologically older and wear out faster than nonsmokers.

6. Use sunscreen

The incorrect use of the sun weakens the skin and damages. If you are going to be exposed to sunlight for a long time or you'll walk in the street, use a sunscreen, preferably aloe. Also, if you were exposed to sunlight, consume foods rich in vitamin E which can be found in the avocado, oils and leafy vegetables. Moderate the consumption of this vitamin as its excess affects the body's ability to clot blood, and it can inhibit the absorption of vitamin A.

7. Learn to relax and lower your anxiety

If you are constantly anxious, nervous or irritable, your body gets worn and the immune system is weakened. Also, when you're tense, your muscles are too expensive, not allowing enough nutrients to flow, it accentuates the lines. Seek to give some time each day to practice something you really enjoy and feel "you lose" a bit of responsibility. Yoga and tai chi are great for this.

8. Be creative

An active brain is reflected in a young body and mind. It encourages your creativity, try to learn something new every day and nourish your mind with reading, problem-solving activities such as strategy games.

9. Rest and sleep

Sleep is one of the most rejuvenating things out there, and is an exquisite moment for the skin, which takes to release hormones while sleeping partners the repair of cells. Little sleep causes the body segregates large amounts of cortisol, a hormone associated with stress, thereby increasing the moodiness, poor concentration, and it was unnecessarily accelerates the heart rate and blood pressure.

10. Spiritual recreation 

Readings that help to understand better, to understand what we feel and experience, which food is more rejuvenating. Knowledge will always be the best ally for everything, we must try every day to know more, understand what we feel, so that little by little our attitudes and quality of life mature into a mature life without losing the freshness of youth.

11. Your love: 

When falling in love, in your body there is a message of enthusiasm and joy that follows an enthusiastic energy, which is irrigated by all of your internal organs, your mind and reaches the tip your hair. Living happy and excited creates an emotional state that rejuvenates your way of looking at life, even the cells of your skin and heart.

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3 Reviews about Young from the heart to the skin
on 20/09/2014
I think some of the most important points of this article are be creative, and keeping your love near you. Diet is of course, so very essential, but so many people, especially here in the states, are always stressed out, hurried, rushing, and they don't take time to create, or to truly BE with the people they love. This is teh key to a great life.
on 04/05/2014
11 tips that must be printed and pasted on our fridge or somewhere you can read all the time or at least once a day to remember if you are doing them for sure!

I will do that right now!

on 30/08/2013
Being young is not a matter of age, it is about being able to understand the life in the best way possible, taking advantage of all the opportunities and feeling alive and young every day, that is the most important thing, the attitude, then the body will feel just as the same.

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