Yoga: a touch with your inner nature Yoga: ein Kontakt mit Ihrem inneren Wesen Yoga: un contacto con tu naturaleza interior


Yoga: a touch with your inner nature

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Yoga: a touch with your inner nature

It is a science originated in India with a length of more than 6000 years. Through this discipline is that human beings try to develop a deep self to be making a greater connection with their inner wisdom and will reveal more in their everyday lives. Yoga has led to various techniques and methods, but the practice is focused on fundamental questions to man such “can I achieve a full life, really creative and harmonious?”

The continued practice of this discipline provides a perceptive clarity to the practitioner, making it a recognition that all human beings are connected with each other and at the same time everything that exists in nature and the universe. Yoga creates a perception of reality more unified, gives us tools not only for dissolve mental and emotional resistance that prevent us from our true nature and live a fuller life, but provides peace increasing breadth of vision and a lot more aware, unified and profitable.

Among one of the most popular meanings of the word Yoga is union: the union with all living things, with the divine. Unraveling the richness and depth of the term may only be discovered by those who practice this discipline, as in the meanings associated with the word exactly this way or the process. this is true of the divine self within is a really a path that leads to processing individual, an adventure that involves confront and transcend our limitations and weaknesses in order to achieve a state of divine unity and wholeness that allows us to experience our truth divine focus increasingly on this knowledge in the middle of the interior life, and gradually get a more clear and aware of what is happening, can understand in a broader experience and emotions, and respond in a more open way and understand the various circumstances of our daily life.

Yoga encompasses all aspects of our existence. These aspects have been drifting in Observation branches that have led to various techniques such as the following.

Asana: refers to the physical postures that are practiced with different approaches, such as those that emphasize the connection through the breath, or those that detail the principles of alignment.

Yama: promoting attitudes to nature, living things and did everything with which we relate. The practice is always directed with precepts such as not to cause harm and be as authentic as possible.

Pranayama: is focused on making the practitioner aware of the importance of breathing to energize our life force and clear and balance all body systems.

Niyama: in the practitioner, seeks to establish a balance between his personal transformation, self observation and a deeper trust in divine.

Pratyahara: develops the ability to internalize the senses.

Dhyana: through contemplation develops the capacity to interact with what they are trying to understand.

Samadhi: develops in the practitioner's ability to enable it to become fully integrated in order to try to understand.

Dhara: the practice is responsible to develop the skills to lead the mind.

Each of the past practice is a path of very intimate and personal experience that, for thousands of years, has helped human beings to recognize the unity that exists between body, mind and spirit and the relationship it has with the divine.

Practicing the different techniques provides truly valuable tools that support the individual to perform a thorough job at transforming not only physical but mental and emotional. Each technique is full of movement, reflection, study, contemplation and understanding.

The most common practice

The most widely known and practiced in the West that is based on the proposed body postures asanas, and is known as Hatha Yoga. This practice is used to transform the mind, and the body is simultaneously transformed.

The practice of any discipline of yoga involves a journey, and considers the way of life that is in the process. More about this discipline can be a little difficult when you do not have experienced since we began to really understand what Yoga is the day we started experimenting with the positions, to explore the inner consciousness and promote unity through exploration for which we must be very receptive to awaken a sensibility. Make us sensitive to what we are really able testify and what we perceive, feel, cover our weaknesses, attitudes, ambitions, thoughts, fears, anger, etc.. Simple observation motivates a higher state of consciousness, integrating the individual and prevents fragment, saying one thing and thinking another, or talking to a very different. Being aware that there's movement inside is to make major changes occur.

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1 Reviews “Yoga: a touch with your inner nature”

on 28/09/2015
I have been sporadic, at best, in my yoga practice, and every time I read articles like this it reminds me, and inspires me, to practice and be continual with these efforts, because you do grow according to the effort you put into it. Yoga is amazing at healing both body and mind.

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