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Yoga in the comfort of your home

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Yoga in the comfort of your home

From the comfort of your home, in an area without distracting noises and where you can extend a cloth, you can start your yoga sessions. If you are a beginner we will give some guidelines so you can master, step by step, simple exercises that will give you the connection of mind, soul and energy that your body requires.

Surely you've heard that yoga is a technique of physical and mental relaxation to achieve inner harmony and improve the quality of life. Besides that, through this activity, you can get multiple benefits, such as burn calories and it helps to you lose weight.

To begin, you should be aware that practicing a discipline requires consistency and commitment. Doing yoga at home is only for people who are really determined and don’t abandon it. That is why some people need go to a yoga center with the formality of meetings and schedules.

If you have any desire to do it and some friends have recommended it, but you have some doubts or fears thinking that it won’t be suitable for you, relax, this ancient technique born in India, can be practiced by all persons without exception, even those with some physical condition, guided by a supervisor.

Then, let’s do it. The first thing is to have a clean and airy room, one or two blankets to put on the floor. It is recommended a hard floor, since yoga should not be performed on the bed and do not exceed 45 minutes, then you can extend up to an hour.

It's Yoga time

These tips will help:

The best time to start a session is in the morning, noon, half an hour before eating or half an hour before dinner.

It is important to have a guide, it can be a video or a catalog with pictures and instructions for the postures. A full course can be ideal for starters, you can buy online, there are also examples in some tutorials for free download.

If you have the video or illustrations ready, you can start. Do not forget before preparing the perfect environment, put soothing music that inspires you or light some candles or incense. Thus, according to some connoisseurs, talk to your subconscious and you prepare for the exercise.

Have on hand a towel and water, so you can dry your sweat and drink water to keep your body hydrated.

When doing yoga, procure that nothing breaks your concentration. If possible turn off your cell phone.

It is essential that you stretch and warm your muscles and avoid injuries.

Do your exercises and postures thinking in the balance. Try to restrict yourself to the video to guide you, remember that doing it at home is hard since there isn’t an instructor or peer support. It can sometimes be an obstacle.

The benefits

Yoga will:

  • Increase strength, endurance and agility of the body.
  • Prevent obesity, faulty digestion, insomnia, nervousness, etc.
  • Gain greater control over one's impulses and emotional states.
  • Stabilize the mind and increase the ability to concentrate.
  • Teach to calm inwardly, thereby counteracting a too tense and agitated lifestyle.
  • An excellent preparation for an authentic spiritual life.
  • Improve blood circulation; it brings oxygen and nutrients to various organs and tissues.
  • Teach to deal with everyday situations in a positive and serene way.
  • Harmonizes the whole body, restoring balance in vital functions.

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2 Reviews about Yoga in the comfort of your home
on 12/12/2014
I love yoga, and just like so many other group practices, be it running, cycling, dancing, etc., you almost always have to make a few sacrifices in your own personal practice if you want to participate in group. Which is why even in yoga I seem to get a better workout when my classes are self-directed, or when I watch a video at home.
on 06/12/2012
Yoga is such an awesome activity, it helps to stabilize our mind and body through simple but energetic exercises, I practiced it time ago and I was impressed by the results since it makes you head clear and everything seems to get better. I truly recommend it, enjoy its benefits now!

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