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Yoga: Great Relaxation tool

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Yoga: Great Relaxation tool

The tension in the body is one of the most common causes of a long list of physical and mental illness. Although not notice, the stresses of the day cause us a series of muscle contractions are generated, even if imperceptible, which wears down the body and many of the activities of the body do not perform their functions properly, and that the circulation be done efficiently, and that the distribution of nutrients and oxygen becomes weakly.

If you think you have tension in your body, just enough to tell your shoulders and your arms to relax at this time. Can you see the change? And so our whole body is in constant tension. Ultimately, we can begin to feel pain in the neck, back, lumbar, leg, shoulder, arms, etc.., Or start generating more severe illnesses such as arthritis or osteoarthritis.

Look at all these diseases or conditions that come from the body tensions: cramps, headaches, stomach, muscles, throat, etc, decalcification, nutrient malabsorption, anemia, chronic fatigue, cough, infections, colds and flu due to lower the immune system, constipation, diabetes, acne, psoriasis, withered and wrinkled skin, rash, itching, fungi, nervous tics, attention deficit, defiance and moodiness, poor circulation and heart, varicose veins, etc. ., and vision problems like nearsightedness, astigmatism, etc..

To avoid these stresses affect our health and our body and tissues deteriorate, we can use many tools such as Yoga, an ancient practice which helps greatly reduce the tensions that accumulate in the body.

Yoga is one of the most beneficial practices for health, not only helps to lower the overall tension in the body, it helps the body to stretch and tone, and in doing special stretches and postures that the body never done this strengthens and releases not only tension but mostly accumulated toxins in muscles and joints.

In addition, Yoga teaches breathing techniques which help mobilize harmful substances in the body, besides helping to lower blood ph is the cause of many diseases.

There are several types of yoga that you could start practicing, all in some way are aimed at promoting the overall health of the body, to know more, to teach us to ponder from various perspectives, to contact our mind with our body, to have an awareness widest of us and especially for our breathe properly this energy always in the best conditions.

Kundalini Yoga

It covers the practice of asanas (postures), as well as breathing exercises, chanting of mantras and a special meditation is focused on the metered release of the Kundalini energy which flows through our spine and which is associated with directly with the central nervous system, moving from the base of our spine to the higher centers or brain, where important glands like the pineal and pituitary.

There are other practices that differ in Yoga philosophy and practice, but also complement our lifestyle as Hatha Yoga.

Who can practice Yoga?

Really everyone can practice Yoga, Yoga for children's, youth, pregnant women, etc.., Even for people with disabilities.

Yoga at home: Some positions that you can go to practice at home

We recommend if you do not have time to go to a class, at home do some stretches or postures. Put soft music and start breathing deeply, you can be standing or sitting in lotus. Thanks the day what has given you and then, I recommend you start dancing to loosen the body. So put music you like and dance a few minutes, this will help warm your body.

Then, start by stretching your arms, gently lifting them up. Try to keep your arms up, squeezing your abs and correcting your posture while you bend your left leg balanced knee of your right leg, so stay supported on one foot. Stay in this position by concentrating on your breathing. Do 1 minute and then repeat with the other foot.

You can follow a home yoga routine by following a manual or a CD. YA really great way to start or end your day.

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7 Reviews about Yoga: Great Relaxation tool
on 23/06/2014
There are great benefits on this activity! Even some of its exercises could benefits kids during sports activities or before class for concentration
on 17/06/2014
While the wording of the article is a bit confusing to read, I completely agree with using Yoga as a medicine. Beyond Kundalini Yoga, so many other genres are extremely therapeutic, such a Ashtanga, Gentle Hatha, Vinyasa, and Power Yoga.
on 13/06/2014
I've always wanted to practice Yoga, but I've never known which kind of it would be better to start. Now with this information I will take a better decision.
on 13/06/2014
I am really surprised by all the diseases that can derive from body tension. I have never thought about it, we certainly need to pay attention to it and take action.

I have never practice yoga before, but I find it very interesting. I am really intrigued to see if I am able to perform some of the poses of yoga. I think it is a great way to release tension and at the same time it will help me to spend some moments with my inner self as well as stretch my muscles and exercise my body. It involves everything that a girl wants!

I am really planning to give it a try! Until I find some time, I can start practicing it at home.

on 12/06/2014
I tried yoga sometimes at home with a DVD. After doing it, I always get relaxed and I feel my muscles tight. While working out I don't really feel I am making a big effort but the day after, I usually have stiff muscles. I always tell myself I have to do it more often. And I think it is true everyone can do it, although there are different levels.
on 12/06/2014
I have read about Yoga before, but actually only tried it once and I didn't like it because it was a center run by Hare Krishna people who tried to convince us to join their group, so that was a bit stressful.

However, what is interesting here is to read about Kundalini Yoga because what I'd like to find is a sport that can help me relax after work.

I've tried doing yoga following a book or an internet article like this one, but it would be better for me to find local yoga places that can actually help me find the type of yoga my body needs.

I think a great factor in yoga is a peaceful environment that inspires the body and soul to start yoga and meditation for best results.

on 12/06/2014
Yoga seems like great excercise that can be practiced by all sort of kind of people and doesn't require much cost or space.

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