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Yerba Mate: Preparation, Properties and more

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Yerba Mate: Preparation, Properties and more

Mate is a drink similar to tea and is consumed mainly in Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay and southern Brazil. It is prepared from dried leaves and stems of the perennial tree Ilexparaguarensis ("yerba mate"). The name "Mate" derives from the Quechua word "matí" meaning cup or bowl to drink.

Development of Yerba Mate 

1. In the vivarium

Million seedlings are selected by our experts from the best plantations, ensuring superior quality of our tea from the origin.

2. Plantation

After six months the small plants are brought into its final place in the field. The delicate care of each one of them allows them to grow strong, healthy and with all the qualities of genuine maté.

3. Harvest

Tradition and technology combine in the collection of the yerba mate. Besides the classic technical manual, Las Marías harvesters also employ specially designed for their technicians. The leaves are harvested only when mature and in their right spot to ensure a higher quality.

4. In the drying

Drying, the leaves are exposed to the direct action of fire to stop fermentation and oxidation. Then, during three hours were subjected to a temperature of 100 °. And dried, are broken into "grass court."

5. Parking

The flavor, aroma and color to distinguish each of the herbs that occur in Las Marías, has been a tightly controlled parking specialists.

6. Milling

The milling is done processing taking into account different types of yerba mate as their origin, type of harvesting and processing time. This is then mixed in appropriate proportions according to the personality of each brand of Las Marias.

7. Packaging

It is the last link in the chain and is essential to preserve intact all the good qualities of the herb. So Las Marías uses specially developed exclusive airtight.

8. The tasting

The unique taste of our tasters is that controls all stages of the process to achieve the perfect balance and performance of each of the herbs of Las Marias.

Properties of Yerba Mate 

It has a source of B-complex vitamins, which help the body release and use the energy contained in food. Working with the muscles and help to have a healthy body, skin and hair.

Source of minerals:

  • It contains potassium, essential for the proper functioning of the heart.
  • It contains Magnesium, which helps to incorporate the protein and form a strong and healthy individual.

Powerful antioxidant:

The mate is a healthy drink because it contains polyphenols that act as antioxidants. The infusion of yerba mate has potent antioxidant ascorbic acid (vitamin C), with properties are similar to red wine in its role of strong antioxidant and inhibitor in the oxidation of low density lipoprotein.

  • Stops cellular aging: These compounds increase the body's natural defenses, to prevent the daily attacks that cause cellular damage to the body.
  • Prevents the growth of cancer cells: They fight cellular aging, antioxidants also help prevent certain cancers.
  • Reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease: In addition, antioxidants prevent heart disease and stroke because they prevent atherosclerosis.

Energizing Effect:

Since it contains xanthines, the infusion of yerba mate is a natural source of energy that stimulates the intellectual and physical effort. Xanthines (caffeine, theobromine) are compounds that stimulate the central nervous system (CNS). Such stimulation results in excitation, dominating and regulating the intellectual effort and muscle, making it ideal for people engaged in sports or activities both physically and mentally.

Preparation of mate

The priming is prepared in a small gourd (called "mate") full of yerba mate. The infusion is accomplished with hot water, not boiling, and is drunk with a node, a metal tube that has a filter at its lower end to avoid passing the leaves of yerba. This was traditionally prepared in Argentina and more than a simple drink is a rite that is lived daily.

  1. Fill three quarters of mate with yerba mate.
  2. After, wet the grass at the side of container with cold or warm water.
  3. Then, the node is inserted in the same place.
  4. You can begin adding hot water, never boiling. This is called "prime" the mate.

The importance of water:

One very important factor in the preparation of mate is the quality of water used, since it markedly affects the aroma and taste of the infusion.

We must always use fresh water from the faucet. In the event that the tap water has a high content of chlorine is convenient to use an activated carbon filter. However, it is not always advisable to use mineral water, because usually these are "strong mineralization" and that ends up adversely affecting the infusion.
Water temperature is also crucial. It is advisable to use water between 70 and 80 ° C, and never use boiling water. The high temperature destroys the more delicate flavors and aromas of the herb at a time causing the appearance of other unwanted.

The importance of keeping the yerba well:

The yerba mate should be kept in an airtight container to protect it from light and moisture environment, away from food and cleaning products with strong odors that could contaminate it. The original container of all herbs that Establishment Las Marías produce has three sheets, and is made of composite materials which constitute an excellent barrier to moisture and odors, as long as they are open once again to close at least by a fold.

The importance of good milling:

Each component of the herb is essential to achieve a rich flavor and performing. Different fractions of leaves, sticks and dust that make up the formula of our herbs are carefully dosed to achieve a good mate, and the time of preparation is good to know the importance of each.

Fractions of leaves are those that bring character and flavor intensity, while the stick helps to smooth balance of flavors. Dust, although it is sometimes despised, is a critical component for merging the different notes that make up the flavor of the herb. And also, is responsible for achieving a rich matte, soft, foamy and highly performing.


A mate well primed is essential to enjoy the infusion. If you have a mate again, fill it with yerba wetting completely. Let stand for two days while maintaining the long wet yerba.

After the two days, clean the inside well mate scraping, removing the soft wood. Then repeat this operation for at least three times, always taking care of that for the yerba does not ferment, as it could leave a bad taste in mate. Of not having a good mate, it is preferable to use a glass or plastic as the container's Mate Ready because they are materials that ensure that the grass is not contaminated by any foreign flavor to it.

To start the mate:

Knowing a good start of mate is key to a lasting and pleasant taste. An excellent tea can be ruined if it started badly, being bitter, aggressive and poorly performing.

To a good start, use a medium mate, well primed and with a capacity of between 35 and 50 gr. Of yerba, and charge to no more than 3 / 4 of its capacity. Cover the mouth of the mate with your hand, invest it and shake it vigorously so that the components are located below the thick and thin top mate. Return it to its normal position, taking care that the yerba has been lying to one side of the mate, leading to a cavity on the other wall of the container. In this cavity, pour warm water or cold, never hot. Wait about thirty seconds to be absorbed, then repeat the operation and enter in the wet node.

At the time of enjoying mate, it should be paused to prime in water not too hot, not more than 80 ° C. Doing so close to the top of the node. Never should rush the process.


  • While the preference for one type of flavor or another answered absolutely subjective criteria in the yerba, like the taste of other beverages, there are certain parameters that are used to objectively judge the quality of the infusion.
  • In the visual assessment of the product, you should receive a light green, yellowish tone, never green, emerald or pulling to dark. Primed mate should get some foam.
  • The grind must be harmonious: should not stick or excess fiber (milled stick) must have some dust (not excessive) and a good deal of leaves.
  • The aroma is also important, must be characteristic of the yerba and parked either not present any trace of moisture or foreign flavors. When the yerba lacks parking, has more green features and strong, dark, marking a bitter and very strong in some cases resembles the taste of seaweed. With a good parking place, bitter traits appear slightly fruity notes and a subtle sweetness. Obviously this varies in different types of yerba, according to climate and geographical location in which grows, the season when harvested or the type of development.

Source: Las Marias Establishment

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