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XX Food of Spain Awards

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XX Food of Spain Awards

Prizes given to professionals who have helped to improve knowledge and quality of food products in Spain.

Casa Robles in Seville, “Restaurant Coque” from Madrid,"Pepe II"of the crow Iniesta (Cuenca) won the prize for the Restoration in its various forms.

Special Prize for Best labor done continuously corresponded with Simone Ortega for commitment to inform and educate consumers about good food practices.

Minister of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food Elena Espinosa did today “XX Food Awards 2006 of Spain", a yearly awards that are called with the intent to reward and encourage those entities or professionals from various fields of communication, catering, promotion, distribution and trade that have contributed their work to improve the knowledge and quality of Spanish products.

The jury was composed of experts in communications, catering and gastronomy, food industry and trade promotion and granted the following awards:

Mode: Media

Submodalities: Best continuing news related to "The Food of Spain."

Special Prize of communication has fallen on Simone Ortega honored by the dedication of a lifetime to inform and educate consumers about good eating and cooking practices always stressing the quality of the food of Spain. His publications have helped to make it easier to learn good food and improve nutrition for the new generations. (The award was presented by the Minister Elena Espinosa, last March 2nd, under the Barcelona Chamber Degusta).

PRIZE: a Eumedia S.A. by the Source Magazine which was consolidated with an innovative model of information dissemination on food and Designation of Origin and Quality.

Mention: TVE to the program "Let's cook with Jose Andres" by the huge impact and simplicity of approach in the development of recipes and dishes that highlight the benefits of the Food Spain.

Submodalities: Best journalistic work published or disclosed technique relates to the "Food of Spain", published or issued from 1st November 2005 to October 31st, 2006, inclusive.

PRIZE: Spanish Institute of Foreign Trade (ICEX) SPAIN Gourmetour for publication in recognition of two decades of information and dissemination throughout the world for food of Spain. With its work has ensured that Spanish products are more affordable to international media.

Mention: the program "Walking Field" directed by Jorge Jaramillo Radio Sánchez of Castilla La Mancha, SA, for its outreach work on the supply of food quality both regionally and nationally.

Submodalities: Best journalism or related technical extension of organic agriculture and its products, published or issued between November 1st 2005 to October 31st, 2006, inclusive.

PRIZE: the Council of Ecological Agricultural Production of Navarre, the supplement "News of the Field" in recognition of its pioneering nature and art that contributes to promoting awareness of organic products.

Mention: to TVE for the "Mediterranean Diet" by highlighting the importance in their stories of organic agriculture within the model of the Mediterranean Diet Nutrition valued internationally as the standard.

Mode: Restoration

Submodalities: Best establishment catering to the national territory

PRIZE: Casa Robles in Seville, for its long career in which its has devoted to caring for and defending the gastronomy of the region.

Mention: Restaurant "El Mesón Fuencarral” in Madrid, being one of the emblematic in Madrid with a history of nearly 75 years offering a wide variety of traditional dishes.

Submodalities: Best establishment catering abroad

PRIZE: Rubayat Comercial Ltda, Sao Paulo (Brazil) because of its contribution to the promotion and dissemination of Spanish cuisine is also a must-visit restaurant in the city of Sao Paulo.

Mention: Tierra de Vinos, SA de CV, Mexico DF (Mexico) for its work on behalf of Spanish wines in a market of great potential for use of our wines.

Submodalities: Best establishment of catering for the treatment of wines

PRIZE: Restaurant "Coque" Human Madrid, since it includes an excellent wine list and presents a digital novel helping to promote knowledge of wines and their distribution.

Mention: Restaurant Moncalvillo of Daroca (Rioja), an example of order and methodology to be followed by the composition of a wine list.

Submodalities: Best catering establishments in rural areas

PRIZE: "Pepe II" of the crow Iniesta (Cuenca), to become a reference in the gastronomy of the region through a careful letter.

Mention: Restaurant "A Casa dos Martinez" de Padrón (A Coruña), being a very representative of the county in which kitchen is based in traditional Galician cuisine.

Mode: Distribution and food trade

This modality has been the novelty of this year, and its goal has been rewarding, too, the work of distribution and food trade.

Submodalities: Best establishment of food distribution and trade located in Spain

PRIZE: Race Nostra, S.L. being a pioneer in the business sector that provides meat to the consumer with a brand image emphasizing the care and quality of meat, especially of Spanish origin.

Mention: Poncelet Food S.L. because of their dedication to the marketing of the finest cheeses of the world under a new business concept in which the sale is not only important, but the presentation, how to serve cheese and wine tasting.

Submodalities: Best establishment of food distribution through innovative marketing channels

PRIZE: Market Merchants' Association of the Onze de Setembre de Barberá del Vallés (Barcelona), to create a concept of a traditional urban market services customarily offered by the superstores.

Mode: Agricultural Promotion

Submodalities: Best promotional action in the Spanish territory

PRIZE: A promotional campaign and corporate image presented by the Board OJ La Mancha, Alcazar de San Juan (Ciudad Real), the width of the campaign that the wine spreads beyond its traditional scope in different disciplines and multiple actions including its proposal for the formation of consumers.

Mention: The campaign "The enjoyment lasts at home" by the Board Qualified Denomination of Origin Rioja de Logroño (La Rioja) for innovative and modern in its campaign that helps to overcome prejudices affecting the idea of promoting responsible consumption of wine.

Submodalities: Best promotional action on the system of organic agriculture production, as well as their products

PRIZE: A campaign for environmentally friendly products by El Corte Inglés, SL, Madrid, its wide dissemination within the sector through a complete product catalog and rigorous.

Mention: The campaign by Organik Chocolate, SL, Alcala de Henares (Madrid) for their innovative and meticulous presentation of a modern product, which in turn has a special marketing through a prestigious way.

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1 Reviews about XX Food of Spain Awards
on 22/10/2015
If I lived in Spain, I would definitely make my food selection based on awards like this. Some people may claim that awards like this are based on some sort of financial agreement, but it really seems like these organizations are honest and sincere in their efforts to create healthy foods.

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