XII State Speech about Organic Agriculture and Food XII Workshop über staatliche Bio-Landwirtschaft und Ernährung XII Jornadas Estatales de Agricultura, Ganadería y Alimentación Ecológica

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XII State Speech about Organic Agriculture and Food

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XII State Speech about Organic Agriculture and Food

Organic Agriculture and Agroecology (AE) are areas of knowledge that are not yet integrated into the teaching of agriculture in our country. There are however, several initiatives on post-graduate courses and Master and PhD, who taught for over a decade and incorporate these lessons, whose experience is invaluable in the field of agriculture. In Europe, some universities have specific teachings and AE Agroecology, establishing a European network of university teachers in AE and Agroecology (ENOATE), which encourage the exchange of knowledge and improving the quality of university education in this area, where not include the participation of Spanish professionals, whose expertise is needed to boost agricultural production in the EU.

In the immediate future, university education should be harmonized in the EU according to the Bologna agreement, which is an opportunity to introduce and build a profile in the university of Agroecology and Organic Agriculture in Spain. It is therefore important to develop proposals for greater cooperation between universities for the implementation of this knowledge.

Agronomist or agricultural engineer and other professionals in the agriculture, should be able to transfer agricultural knowledge and skills in agriculture and livestock, taking into account the reality of the rural world and of families that comprise it, including the performance of the functions of research to be conducted in cooperation with the field: participatory research with teaching, counseling, not to mention its role in the provision of infrastructure within its purview. Therefore, there is in this conference on "Training and Consultancy in organic agriculture," a debate to define content and methodologies, and propose concrete actions to incorporate these lessons in universities.

The objectives of the conference will focus on:

  • Promoting a debate on the incorporation of the teaching of Agroecology and AE.
  • Identifying the necessary changes to incorporate knowledge of Agroecology in our universities.
  • Proposing a coordinated plan to integrate teaching, research and technology transfer in AE and Agroecology at the universities, under a model of participatory research.


Days will consist of plenary sessions, which made 6 power conferences, followed by discussion, 4 working sessions, which may expose and communications, whether oral or in poster form, subject to approval by the Scientific Committee, will also have 2 panels and 2 workshops, moderated by experts.

Papers will be presented in oral sessions to suit their content. The posters will be posted the 1st day and remain exposed until the 2nd day in the afternoon.

Deadline submission of abstracts and papers

Abstract Submission: September 10

Acceptance of abstracts: September 17


Full papers: September 24th

Notes: Only those accepted will be published with / s author / s register / na Days.

Besides accepting communications related to the theme of the event, there were organized on 2 parallel sessions:

  • Agriculture and food in Madrid
  • Organic Agriculture and Climate Change


SEAE - Spanish Society of Organic Agriculture.

ACE Pat. 1st Int. Apdo 397. Cami del Port s / n. Catarroja 46470 (Valencia) - Tel 96 1267200 Fax: 961267122

Website: www.agroecologia.net


Also in Secretary SEAE Edif. ECA, Patio int. 1.

Cami del Port, s / n PO Box 397. Catarroja CP 46470 (Valencia).

Accommodations: accommodations have been made in various categories (see registration form)

Reserved via SEAE Secretary (see registration form).

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2 Reviews about XII State Speech about Organic Agriculture and Food
on 25/10/2014
I would have absolutely loved to have studied organics or agriculture in my university studies (looking back on it now). But at the time I was very wrapped up in learning languages and mastering music. Now that I'm older I'm beginning to realize the importance of more "realistic" matters of practical importance-like organic agriculture and health.
on 08/11/2013
I am not an expert of this topic but I have studied plenty of it and I would love to present one of my essays in something like this, to express my commotion about the human behavior about the environment we live, maybe I could teach something useful for future generations

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