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Wutan School in Mallorca

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Wutan School in Mallorca

Wutang school is the delegation of school in the Balearics and Tai Chi Chuan, Chi Kung and Meditation Association belonging to the Hun Yuan. It is a model and designed to create the appropriate environment for practice.

Its objective is the dissemination, study and understanding of the wisdom of ancient practices handed down to this day by descendants of the lineage
Classes take place in an atmosphere of calm and meditation, to achieve the progressive development and deeper lessons

Hun Yuan Association

It is an association formed to promote and disseminate the Tai Chi Chuan, the Chi Kung and Taoist meditation techniques of transmission lines and styles Hun Yuan Chen.

Master Pedro Valencia, disciple of the lineage of transmission of these schools - 20th generation Chen style and style Chiaopao 3rd Huan Yuan - has learned and perfected these styles under the direction of Master Kuan Yuen Tong and Teachers this, Fong Chi and Su Wei Chiang, who know, protect and support our organization and its representation in Spain

The Association accounts to achieve its mission with an extensive program of activities: class standing, weekend courses, summer camps, fall and winter and seminars

Contact Details

Address: c/ Oliver 30b, Palma de Mallorca, Illes Balears
Phone: 649 603 689

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1 Reviews about Wutan School in Mallorca
on 28/09/2015
For the past few years I have been very interested in learning more and more about Ayurvedic medicine, and it's so interesting to read articles like these, and realize that there were so many similarities between Chinese medicine, tai chi, and ayurveda. Very interesting and inspiring information!

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