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» » » Wrinkles or spots near the eyes: how to avoid them

Wrinkles or spots near the eyes: how to avoid them

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Wrinkles or spots near the eyes: how to avoid them

is very prone to wrinkling, drying, and staining and that the skin of the eyelids falls or loosens causing lumps or sachets (circles). If the skin around your eyes has any of these problems, here are some ways to avoid it and keep it strong and healthy.

Do not scrub your eyes hardly

When your eyes itch or you want to remove makeup, you often employ more force than normal, stretching the skin and breaking the fine links of collagen located in this area. So, when you want to do this without carving your eyes, gently scrub them. The most convenient when the eye is itchy index is to up a finger over de eyelid without moving it until the itchiness pass, eyes are itchy when they are not moistened as needed, so you can just shut your eyes a moment to remove the hassle.

Remove makeup

When you remove your makeup, do it with a very soft cotton ball and oil that suits you, preferably chamomile, we recommend warm water with a few drops of olive oil extra-virgin which is great for removing excess mascara or eye makeup. Pass over the skin giving small pats until the makeup is out.

Wash skin at night

After removing makeup, use mineral to wash the contour of your eyes, use a cotton ball and to refresh and eliminate out debris and others. Then apply Chamomile cream, gel or aloe snail around, giving pats with your fingers over your skin to improve circulation and oxygen supply and nutrients to the skin.

Vegetable juices

To nourish the skin, nothing better than fresh vegetable juices, the best to avoid wrinkles and rejuvenate your eyes are: carrot and celery in the evenings, strawberries and orange in the morning, pineapple and grapes, or alfalfa with cactus while fasting, lemon and chia in afternoon. The juices fill your skin with of nutrients and help prevent and repair it.

Eye Masks

Whenever you can, apply cucumber slices or papaya peel over your eyes, and leave them there for a while. Wash your face with warm chamomile infusion or mineral water.

Eye exercises

Every night, give a facial massage with your fingertips and thumb around your eyes. In addition, close your eyes and move your eyes in odes directions: go up, down, left and right, do not feel tense or pain, this exercise is great to irrigate blood to the eyes, upper and lower eyelids and keep them healthy.

Avoid direct sunlight

This is one of the most common causes of spots and premature aging of the skin. If you spend much time on the street, use a sunscreen or moisturizer. If the stains are very dark and are squamous, you should consider a deeper treatment because they may be malignant melanoma, which must be addressed with a cleansing diet and consider the emotional aspect. To avoid the sunlight in your eyes, it is best to wear hats or sunglasses if you are going to be more than 5 or 10 minutes in the sun. If you exercise outdoors, try to do it in the morning before 7am.

When you get angry

Avoid eye squeeze as this deteriorates the skin of the eyes, try watching the expressions of your eyes and try to relax, now tell them to relax and you will notice good results.

For stains

Apply at night cream or pearl shell snail, rosehip is also very good. Avoid applying these creams when you are exposed to the sun, preferably at night.  Rub them to the skin before you sleep to get very well absorbed. On the other hand, you should watch your diet because often stains in the skin are due to shortage of nutrients, so you need to drink juices and foods recommended in the previous paragraph; these juices avoid skin aging and its malnutrition, which cause stains.

The skin blemishes caused by aging or sun exposure can fade with treatments like exfoliation, chemical peel and some skin lightening products.

Drink a day at least two liters of pure water

You should do it to maintain good moisture throughout your skin, note that the eye skin dries easily and if you get thirsty, your body already entered a dehydrated state. So you must prevent this, drinking sips of water during the day.

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2 Reviews about Wrinkles or spots near the eyes: how to avoid them
on 22/01/2015
I really think wrinkles around the eyes are some of the first to appear. This skin is so soft, and every movement you make with your eyes, the skin around it is affected. You don't even realize how much you squint or makes faces during the day because you're not looking at yourself, but your face is almost always carrying an expression.
on 17/01/2013
Nice tips to get a beautiful and healthy skin in an easy way. Let me tell you that I really recommend the chamomile cream and infusion which is perfect for my skin and probably for yours as well. I?m going to try the exercises right now too!

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