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World Day of Reiki, September 16th

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World Day of Reiki, September 16th

Reiki sessions commemorating the September 18th, World Day of Mikao Usui

There are just missing few days for the celebration of the World Festival of Reiki on September 16th. There will be initiations at person and distance. The initiations will be in places where there is already Reiki Masters who lovingly participate and assist in this Festival. Distance initiations are for those who, for various reasons (distance, disease, lack of teachers in your area...) cannot access them. In the initiations at distance, there will be a preparatory work the 21 days preceding and / or after the commencement, and all teachers will be participating in this festival, united in love with Mikao Usui.

We welcome all teachers of REIKI wishing to expand education and awareness. Teachers who want to make that day as a tithe Mikao Usui in gratitude for what he gave us and left us and the good things that life has given us and also because we want to help evolve and these days we are able to do it free.

Let your light beings, your teachers, your guides and your angels help and assist you so you have enough strength and courage for you to make that day of free initiations.

I remind you that if the accounts do not fail, in Barcelona we will meet one event and about 30 or more teachers of Reiki to be prepared to explain the principles and knowledge of Reiki and to personally play initiatives in private and group of 6, 8 or 10 people according to the number of people who wish to take initiations that day.

The initiation meeting will start at ten o'clock until roughly 7 or 8 pm. In the rest, there will be a feast consisting of a giant fruit salad and bread with tomato and cheese.

At noon, there will be initiations at the same time and each group with their teachers. There will be guided meditations.

Initiations in the first degree shall include a set of three alignments prepared to a difference of about 60 or 90 minutes.

The initiation of a second master's degree is a single alignment. As the first grade is the most important and where more information will be given as more teachers give, explain and teach the first grade. Finally, at the last minute there will be specific information for those who want Master the importance of this.

Finally, if each person can take, and is highly desirable that the next day, Sunday, day as free as possible to live in meditation experiences about Reiki initiations, whether you helped as if you have started.

The meeting will be at the Parc de la Ciutadella in Barcelona INSTITUTE VERDAGUER, where there are several rooms available to people wishing to start and an auditorium with 160 seats and hope to come a few hundred people but those who come, will be welcome, but please note that it is only for the sincere will and seekers who wish to heal and learn REIKI deeply.

Last year was very though and this year we will be more but we ask for strength to Mikao Usui.

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1 Reviews about World Day of Reiki, September 16th
on 01/12/2015
What a great way of spreading word around the world about Reiki! This day should definitely be celebrated more, I acually didn't know there was a Reiki day until I read this article. I am a huge supporter of Reiki and its practices, I hope to see it become more popular soon.

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