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Workshops about healthy diet in Malaga

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Workshops about healthy diet in Malaga

The councilor of Trade, Employment, and Public Consumption, Purificacion Pineda and director of the Foundation for the Development of the Mediterranean Diet, Joan Castells, presented this morning “Healthy Diet workshops” in the city of Malaga.

Since last November 2nd, the Health Service of the City Council of Málaga, within the school feeding programs 2006-2007, is doing workshops of healthy diet, with the cooperation of the Mediterranean Diet Foundation, for students in 3rd and 4th Primary Education in more than 35 schools and more than 2,600 children.

Workshop abut Healthy Diet aims to promote a change in eating habits and behavior towards a healthier way based on a healthy diet and for recovery of physical activity in children.

The activity combines theory and practice. The first part explains the food groups of the Mediterranean Diet, their properties and their frequency of consumption, always enjoyable and fun to attract the attention of students. In the second part of the workshop, students will prepare a Mediterranean recipe.

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2 Reviews about Workshops about healthy diet in Malaga
on 19/11/2015
I just love the idea of having workshops available to the public. The problem is, the people who go to these workshops are the ones that are alreayd interested in eating a healthy diet. So how to get otherwise "unhealthy" individuals interested? That's the key!
on 31/12/2013
I would be good if all the schools in the different countries would try to follow this lead and present the small kids a different diet that could lead to a healthy lifestyle, and the children are perfect to learn, and to get the good habits, but the bad as well so we must be careful

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