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Work on these flabby arms

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Work on these flabby arms

Time and age are not good with us causing flaccid skin and it’s even worse if we don’t exercise or eat healthily, the immediate consequences are obvious.

For example, that awful underarm fat, hanging, surrendering to gravity and the worst thing, in all our summer clothes. If that's the case and you did not know what to do and as much as you want to hide it, it doesn’t look fine, then you have to work.

Healthy Diet

The first thing is to start a diet, free of saturated fat; you know that excess calories are converted to fat in your body and attaches to areas such as arms, abdomen, thighs and buttocks. Forget the junk food and cravings that involve a recharged combination of flour, carbohydrates and sugars. It is better to eat an apple, pear or other fruit when we have the feeling of hunger.

Every day you should take at least six glasses of water, prioritize your intake of fruits vegetables and salads. If you do this, it will be easier to get rid of stored fat and you will not increase it.

Aerobic Exercise

The next challenge is to establish a daily routine of physical training, not just focused on triceps but also you need to go running, jogging, and do high-intensity cardio to burn fat. If we just focus on lifting weights or dumbbells we’ll just harden the fat in arms. So we must combine a diet and cardio intervals, even for 15 minutes daily.


Once we have done this and we are eating healthier, we can exercise the triceps, which is the muscle that crosses the arm below the bicep and that is the area where they usually form those hated "bat arms."

Exercise 1

Stand with feet separated like the hip height. Hold a weight of 1 to 2.5 kg in each hand with arms straight, parallel to the body. Keeping your elbows close to the trunk, palms facing down, lift the weights until they are parallel to the floor. Perform 3 sets of 10 repetitions. If you want to rotate in, do it one by one.

Exercise 2

Knees and legs crossed or joined and raised, palms flat on the floor, arms extended, separated at the height of the shoulders and bust line, abdominals in; don’t round the back.
Bend your arms in the fall and spread on the rise with a slow and safe movement by fixing the position of the back and abs tight; don’t vitiate the position. Be sure not to arch your back during the return phase, avoid overextending the elbow: you can hurt your joints.

Exercise 3

Stand with the legs slightly bent, with left placed in front of the right, right heel lifted, bend trunk slightly forward and support the left hand on right thigh. Right arm extended toward the floor, holding a small dumbbell. Movement: bend the right arm to the chest, upper back elbow and extend your right arm back, repeat the combination. When finished, do it with the other arm. Keeping your back straight, never curved. Shoulders parallel to the ground.

Exercise 4

Stand with the legs slightly bent and drawn. Elbows bended and adhering to the chest. In the hands with the two dumbbells, palms are turned inward. Movement: Extend the arms back and slowly return. Make sure your back is straight and never bowed.

Exercise 5

Place yourself in the position of the last exercise. In the right hand with a weight,  elbows bended and adhering to the chest, as well. Movement: Extend your right arm back and slow return. At the end of the repeats, do it with the other arm. Do not fully extend your arm, you could harm your elbow joint.

You should consider

When performing these exercises you should be aware that if you're not used to do them, you should go slowly, do it two or three times a week. Do not exaggerate, because you can stress your muscles and cause you some disease. You can guide you in this little board.

Beginner: 1 set of 8 to 10 repetitions, rest 30 seconds, 500 grs. load.

Intermediate: 2 series of 10 to 12 repetitions, rest 30 seconds, 1 kg load.

Advanced: 2 series from 15 to 12 repetitions, rest 30 seconds, 1.5 kg of load.

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2 Reviews about Work on these flabby arms
on 29/07/2014
haha. flabby arms. but yes, I agree with Ericka, this is an awesome article and had some pretty good exercises in it. Yoga is also a great exercise at toning the arms and back. It's pretty important to keep your overall weight under control as well, because definition and tone won't begin to show, unless you've burnt the fat off top of it.
on 04/12/2012
Awesome article! I think every women feel bad about their arms, because when you get old you can avoid the law of gravity but at least you can make the process slower. I?m going to try the exercises and I?ll let you know if I have a problem or if they worked perfectly for me, I hope so, cheers!

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