Why do I get sick so often? (Healing crisis) Warum werde ich so oft krank? (Heilende Krise) ¿Por qué me enfermo tan seguido?  (Crisis de curación)

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Why do I get sick so often? (Healing crisis)

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Why do I get sick so often? (Healing crisis)

If you feel that a loved one or you get sick even though you use remedies and can’t find the solution to some discomfort or illness, you need to consider what is happening inside the body.

Why do disease and contagion exist?

Natural and holistic medicine knows something: there is no disease, what does exist is a toxic body where wastes have accumulated in different parts of the body and are encouraging a contaminated indoor environment. In the long run, it triggers a series of imbalances which are known as diseases.

Everything we eat, drink and breathe, we fill our body with certain types of substances which, when they are harmful and are not evacuated efficiently, accumulate in the intestines, blood, skin, internal organs, etc. If this accumulation continues and is increased, the body began to be hampered in their basic functions due to toxemia (increased body temperature due to the high amount of waste), and seek ways to evacuate dramatically. Then we feel certain reactions such as headaches, nausea, colds, etc.

Some symptoms of a body that warns against the accumulation of toxins:

  • Fever
  • Pain
  • Phlegm, cold or excess mucus in the eyes, mouth, nose, etc.
  • Diarrhea
  • Itching, rashes and sores, thrush, etc.

What causes toxemia in the body?

  • A neglected diet: all fried foods, saturated fats, soft drinks (sodas, sugary drinks and canned juices added with any type of sugar such as sucrose, fructose, sugar diet, etc), cow's milk and derivatives, excess salt and refined products such as flours. Exaggerating the consumption of meat and drink irritants also cause imbalances in the body.
  • Poor eating habits and poor food combining, eating too much at a meal, drinking sugary drinks at meals, eating all the time, etc., also produces a lot of toxemia.
  • Excess and misuse of drugs.
  • Lack of physical activity or poor blood circulation.
  • Breathing contaminated air.
  • Stress, worry, anger and stress reactions avoid a good assimilation of nutrients and efficient evacuation.
  • Do not rest properly.


When the problem is not addressed from the root, the body cannot heal at all, perhaps temporarily alleviate the problem because the body numbs symptoms with pills and stuff, but it is likely to fall and catch it again because the body has not yet been completely healed of the real problem. That is why we return to relapse or we have persistent disease.

Many times, we are getting used to living with a painful or diseased body, which may eventually generate a series of more severe complications such as liver, kidney, pancreas disease, etc.., indigestion and digestive problems, cardiovascular or respiratory problems, obesity, skin problems, etc.

A real cure

If you really want to heal and strengthen the body's defense system is necessary to change not only the eating habits, but the lifestyle. A sick person should consider cleansing diet as a basis for the healing, led by a professional and high quality diet, combining this with a series of habits that will help restore balance to your body.

It is known that a person is really healing when the body goes into what is known as a healing crisis.

What is a healing crisis?

When the cure is working, no matter what disease it is, there is a stage which is called healing crisis, where everything seems worse because you feel bad and the symptoms are acute, but what really happens is that the body is in a stage of disposal of wastes and toxins which causes certain symptoms and reactions such as fever, diarrhea, rash, vomiting, etc.

During a healing crisis, the body eliminates what is causing the imbalance either in slow or violent way, which depends on the extent of disease and the body of each person. In a healing crisis, symptoms of any condition are accentuated, and may be:

  • Excessive secretions, coughs, phlegm, mucus, etc. either in the bronchi, ears, eyes, mouth, etc.
  • Contractions
  • Headaches or stomach aches
  • Fluids of the body
  • Seizures
  • Outbreaks in the skin of all types

During this crisis, the body will evacuate the unnecessary things in the process of repair, cleaning and giving rejuvenation to organs and tissues which can take several days or weeks to heal.

We know we are really healing when we break with the factor that was polluting and damaging the body, and despite feeling with more pronounced symptoms, we have the spirit of healing. A person can die during a health crisis, but never during a healing crisis, for which it requires a lot of courage to heal and find new meaning to life.

It is highly desirable that, after a healing crisis, you avoid returning to old habits. It must maintain a renewed lifestyle which is the basis for maintaining a healthy body life.

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2 Reviews about Why do I get sick so often? (Healing crisis)
on 01/03/2015
I actually read a super enlightening book two years ago that reframed the idea I had about health and healing. It was a book on ayurvedic medicine, based on the principles of using food as medicine. And when you realize all hte junk that so many people eat, it's no WONDER disease is rampant in today's society.
on 22/01/2013
I?m always sick or that was I thought, not I know that my body might be contaminated by all the food I consume, that?s so bad but I?m not sure if I can do the cleansing diet because I?m afraid of the crisis, the symptoms, and I don?t have the time to do it, but if you really feel good after it, then may be a good option.

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