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White Tea: Preparation, cosmetics uses and much more

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White Tea: Preparation, cosmetics uses and much more

White is the color that covers the nature of in winter to again make it thoughtful, fresh and rejuvenated, colored and cheerful. And white is also a fragrant cocoon of color that appears in early spring on the heights of a mountain of Chinese province, a plant known as Tea Tree where people get the essential ingredient in developing an exquisite infusion of straw color (or soft green) called white tea, a drink that have fine silvery hairs of the cocoon (white), appearance seems to give an idea of the magic and delicious name.

White tea, consumed by ancient emperors and associates, said it owned "magic" property because it promoted immortality, rejuvenated and healed, a kind of elixir (considered wonderful remedy) little people and rarely had access, only those considered for the nobility, and in the common people if someone dared to consume it, was sentenced to death.

It is known that one of the major concerns of the ancient magicians (alchemists) was to find the elixir of longevity, a substance that in addition to giving the virtues of youth, could take to alleviate all kinds of diseases. Some doctors and philosophers spent their time finding the elixir, made numerous observations and combinations for their exercise, as in all times practitioners had charlatans offering products of great virtues and assumed that just cheated. These days it is not surprising to find drinks that before were expensive and secret, we can now find drinks like white tea, all you need to get the "white magic" is having the intention of loving you a little more each time, and get inclined to choose those foods and beverages that encourage wellness in every way.

This drink that magically distributes its privileges in the body no longer keeps the secret of its generous properties, which are due to the plant where this gets coordinated with the onset of spring, when everything germinates and the air is fresh and clean and the sky cleared, and then shoots are harvested before they are opened, while still retaining its white villi, it is in this time of "white germinated" which concentrates all power and nutrients from their properties...

This is surely the most noble heritage of the plant, which, after being dried to remove any moisture and to concentrate only its essence, is immersed in hot water to dissolve the powerful antioxidant-rich qualities, same which when ingested help raise defenses and to cooperate in the fight against free radicals, slowing the whole process of deterioration and aging in the body.

This ancient drink is at present known for a long list of properties, among them because it is:

  • Ideal to combat physical and mental fatigue
  • An excellent support for diets, as it has no calories, is mildly diuretic and promotes elimination of fats
  • A good ally in cardiovascular disease (low levels of cholesterol and triglycerides).
  • Preventive for caries by fluorine content
  • Favors concentration ability and memory and makes a new flower and vibrant energy and desire.
  • High levels of polyphenols, chemicals that act as natural antioxidants, antioxidants that can be found also in food such as fruit, vegetables, sprouts and nuts among others. In white tea polyphenols are the most abundant catechins, which are anticancer and antibiotic, as well as those responsible for combating free radicals that are responsible for the aging of cells.

One exquisite drink that delights the palate but also the mind, activates blood circulation, oxygenates the skin and encourages the spirit.


It is recommended to consume two to three cups daily. One at each meal, without fear of being consumed before bedtime because it is low in caffeine. Their preparation is no longer a secret, two tablespoons of tea on the cup.

  • Put water to boil and just before it begin to boil withdrawal from the boiling heat and pour the White tea.
  • Cap the well and let stand for five to ten minutes.
  • Once cast, you can drink sweetened with agave or honey bee, with a few drops of lemon, with a little almond milk. Some people add a few drops of chlorophyll, although to fully enjoy their property is recommended to take it alone. Beware of imitations!

Cosmetic uses

Not only the palate and the body enjoy the tea, it also invites the beauty of its flowers to our skin, which can also enjoy tea in the form of white lotion for the face. The white tea may also be used as a facial tonic, just save a cup of white tea to clean your face after an exfoliation to close the pores, leaving skin velvety, silky, bright and relaxed. It also enhances a tan and helps to accentuate the color.

Nice recipe for the skin

To a cup of white tea, add another cup of cold water, a pinch of white pepper (revitalizing properties), a droplet of sagebrush (relaxing), and a few drops of musk (sensuality). Mix and clean your face with this lotion every night.

Other recommendations

 It is recommended that children consume in moderation (or do not consume) this tea.

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2 Reviews about White Tea: Preparation, cosmetics uses and much more
on 04/09/2014
I had no idea white tea could be used cosmetically!! I just read another article about white tea, and it really sounds like it has some great therapeutic uses, thanks so much for the information, I will be looking forward to trying it! (It's also funny to me that emporer's used to drink it...)
on 01/12/2013
You describe that tea like the biggest thing you have ever tasted, and well it just gave me a lot of curiosity to see if it really tastes so good and acts so well in the body, thanks for sharing those words and of course the secret, I hope to find this tea as soon as possible!

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