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White and Christmas, decoration and meaning

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White and Christmas, decoration and meaning

“White Christmas” is the title of a popular and traditional Christmas song often heard during these seasons. "White Christmas" is certainly a beautiful metaphor that can bring many mental images that may be associated with Christmas: the snow, peace, spotless and clean, so quiet, the winter (a time of reflection), silence, new, purity, etc.

White is the color that brings together all colors, is one of principal colors in the decoration of Christmas because of its symbolism and color vibration that white emits and certainly produce a state of peace, elegance and lightness. It is a color associated with light and clarity, the positive things, is often used in meditation because it evokes protection, positive energy and simplicity. White is also associated with spiritual, healing and the divine and heavenly.

In color therapy, it is a color that is used to heal, to renew, to attract nobility, honesty and pure feelings of love, so as to bring justice and courage.

In clothing, it is the color of the doctors; people use it to meditate and priests to offer their Mass, it is thought that people who use a lot of white in their clothes have a neutral temperament and are balanced and harmonious.

In parapsychology, it is the favorite color of people with extrasensory perception since it helps to have that ability.

White in the Christmas decoration

Although fashions and trends change, white has remained as one of the favorites at this time in the decoration, not only because it is the most versatile of all colors and can be combined with anything but by the feelings that it represents and inspires.

According to Feng Shui, the color white has many of the attributes listed above, and is a favorite for Christmas dinner, where the white sails inspire a feeling of peace, relaxation and the beginning of the new and are light up early for dinner, symbolizing the birth of all the positive things and to bring honesty, love and purity in the heart. So in your Christmas table, should not miss the white sails.

To use the white in your decor, you can apply a background to linens, furniture, painting walls and crockery and cutlery. Then, you can choose another color like green, red, silver or gold as a contrast.

If you want to decorate everything in white, take note that this has advantages and disadvantages. The white color is very elegant and bright, but perhaps may bring a little discomfort or a sense of uniformity or coldness. Use white to highlight details that help to balance this.

The textures of white are also important. Please try using patterns, or textures folders into your décor.

If you combine white with blue, green and shades, you can create a relaxed or cold ambient. To break this, also use brown and gold, which will give your decor a warm and welcoming effect.

Bright objects such as silver, gold or red are great to combine with the target. However, you should not overuse these objects; use them in small doses and in certain places to keep them alive.

Your holiday table

In addition to the candles, you can try a little silver dust on the white tablecloth to give a special touch, but do not abuse it. Try not to fill the table with decorations and leave many open spaces to place snacks or appetizers there, candy, cookies, etc.


Use white in your Christmas dress to bring all the aforementioned attributes. This color becomes fashionable again, and, as mentioned, can be combined easily with any color. You can invite people to your meeting to dress in white and can enjoy the atmosphere created.

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2 Reviews about White and Christmas, decoration and meaning
on 06/01/2015
I've always thought it was interesting that so many peoploe sing of "white christmas". It seems silly to me, because I don't really think it has a lot to do with the actual holiday itself, and then I think about countries that celebrate christmas in the southern hemisphere, in the middle of their summer. Definitely no snow in Argentina on christmas.
on 26/02/2013
Chistmas can a very nice and peaceful holiday if we undrtand its real meaning and we try to prepare a nice and comfortable event, colors are very important to impress the human eye, and I think that white is perferct to relax it so it's good include white things during this holiday

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