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When work becomes an addiction

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When work becomes an addiction

Work can be considered an obligation and many people can see it as monotonous and even tedious, however, the truth is that work requires responsibility and effort.

It also holds an important place in our life, which develops part of our social life. The co-existence between co-workers can be an enjoyable experience, a team working in conjunction with a common purpose, or there may be friction and thus it becomes an unwelcome and unenjoyable experience.

If we reflect and take these factors into account, perhaps none of us can believe that something like "workaholism" exists. However, the term makes more sense when it comes to a situation that often occurs in capitalist societies, where you have to do more to get more.

The cause of addiction

When developing an addiction there is usually a prior problem which makes it difficult and challenging to overcome. It can also take the form of a problem that affects our daily lives causing distress and discomfort, and therefore people look for ways to escape from it.

It is quite common that the affected person is not aware of his/her problem, however, this shows that the person finds it difficult to face and therefore they feel overwhelmed. This often makes them avoid dealing with the problem.

However, this gives them another problem: Not only do they have to address the main problem that they face, but also the addiction, in this case work addiction: An addiction that will probably invade and affect the emotional and relational life of the sufferer.

Addicts that are productive

Workaholism is not frowned upon by the rest of society, since these are people are generally described as dedicated, responsible and effective. In fact, some people addicted to work are recognised and even admired by their co-workers.

However, this can complicate the associate with an addiction and therefore make it harder to beat. Being a workaholic is characterised as a compulsion to repeat an activity.

How does it affect you?

The social circle of the affected person comes down to those who know only about his/her work and family. With no relaxation space, stress is always present and can manifest in various diseases and conditions.

There is often neglect of the family life as a result of the time spent at work, often resulting in arguements, crisis and even separation.

Holidaysconversations, meals and everything begins to revolve around the workplace. Sometimes this can appear natural, but it is not healthy when we only speak and think about our jobs.


To treat an addiction you cannot just stop doing what you are addicted to, but instead you must seek the prior problem which made us turn to work as an escape and primarily address that problem, thinking about how we can fix it and not ignore it.

In addition, a workaholic has the need to be always "busy" and under pressure, so he or she cannot enjoy “doing nothing", so it is advisable to seek recreational activities such as playing sports, playing with the children or painting: Any form of entertainment to help them relax and release their mind from work.

Avoid working late at night: Rest is important for our body to function optimally.

If you still cannot help thinking about your job all the time and find it impossible to relax, it may be recommendable to go to see a specialist. In this case, a psychologist is best suited to help you let go and begin to take a break.

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5 Reviews about When work becomes an addiction
on 03/05/2016
Great article - I actually think this problem affects a lot more people than we think. Even if it's not to do with work, I know many people who refer to themselves as "busy" or "busy bees" who are constantly running around doing things in order to bury the real problems which are occurring in their lives. So many people I know are unable to sit still for half an hour and just be thankful what they have - they have to always be moving around or cleaning, or doing housework, or doing hobbies/recreational activities. I actually find it quite annoying, but I suppose they cannot help it as it is their way of coping with their problems. Sometimes burying them can appear easier than facing them...
on 15/07/2014
It's so sad to see people like this. Workaholics. Nothing screams "I'm miserable" to me more than people burying themselves in some sort of activity just so they won't have to listen the the OTHER side of their compulsive thinking brain. My fiance and I have had many, many discussions - in fact, it's a running theme in our lives - that when we see people living hum drum lives, buried in their office desk work, we call it out and sing praises that we've found what we love.
on 16/06/2014
One should work to live, not live to work. This is a very difficult balance to attain when one really enjoys one's work. However, time can fly away and we may loose focus of the really important things in life.
on 04/08/2013
Work should be part of the normal life of human, I mean, work is one thing but then you go out and should not think on do things related to work as the free time, is that freedom, many people today make work their life and then their families are set aside with other things like dreams and friends.
on 12/06/2013
My husband used to be a very obsessive workaholic and when he retired from job, he had a lot of trouble finding things to do, I know that this can bring a lot of trouble to the family too just like mine, but I?m glad that we didn?t separate or anything and we could overcome the problems between our family. But people should consider this like a disease that should be treated as soon as possible.

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