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What your baby should not eat

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What your baby should not eat

In a previous article, we learned what foods are best for your baby: the more energetic, healthy and beneficial to his/her health. Today we will discover the other side, what is bad to eat due to large amounts of salt, fat, calories, sugar, and lack of nutrients.

We start the list with junk food that is the most harmful, even to adults. In the case of infants, eating junk food fills them with calories they do not require and don’t get enough nutrients, then they don’t have appetite for healthy food anymore. Within this category is the soda.


Even if you don’t believe it, there are many parents who give their small children soda to drink, even from six months old, when they can introduce solid foods in their diet; there are polls that corroborate this statement. Parents who do not measure the size of their irresponsibility give their children soda.

Sodas not provide any type of nutritive or healthy compound to the health of individuals, by contrast, they present addictive elements in excess and it can destroy our bones by the presence of phosphoric acid.

It’s known that only a glass of soda contains approximately 10 teaspoons of sugar. According to experts, the amount of fructose and glucose, simple sugars present in these substances, are harmful to your metabolism, because they reach the bloodstream faster and increase the percentage of cholesterol in the blood, affecting the arteries. If babies drink soda, sugar can destroy their little teeth and damage their gums.

Processed Juices

It is true that juices are made from fruit, but that does not mean they are healthy. The fiber in fresh fruits, for example, is lost almost entirely during the preparation of juices, and what remains is a lot of sugar, the same as soda.

Although manufacturers promote them and show they are rich in vitamin Cand babies need them, do not be fooled. Our children can get all the vitamins they need through fruit and vegetables.

The best for babies under six months is breast milk; they don’t need to consume any other liquid. Babies from 6 to 12 months can take small amounts of water, but breast milk or formula should remain as main beverage.


They may be very practical for babies when they are starting to bite and chew, but the problem is the same as junk food, because when they eat them, may refuse to eat something else. Also crackers invite them to develop a taste for only salty foods. A survey presented at the American Dietetic Association in 2009, found that about 75 percent of children aged from 1 to 3 years and preschoolers consume more than the recommended daily amount of sodium.

Processed foods

The longer the food has been modified, the more additives and artificial compounds inside it. When passing too many processes of preparation, food loses a lot of its nutritional value and gain in excess unhealthy additives like sugar, salt and fat.

Jelly desserts

Although from consuming gelatin, we could rescue collagen that is gained to the skeletal system; many nutritionists say that gelatin isn’t a healthy food for babies because of its small amount of protein and high presence of sugars, colorings and artificial flavors.

For the health of our kids, we should prefer fresh, healthy and nutritious food. They will thank us in the future. If we want to give them good eating habits, we should start with ourselves.

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3 Reviews about What your baby should not eat
on 29/08/2014
Good article, I totally agree. These are things that even adults shouldn't eat, and really, adults should take their diet as seriously as they take their childrens' diets. It's sad to see children who have food allergies because they ate something too soon when their bodies weren't sufficiently developed to digest it.
on 12/06/2014
This article is very helpful especially when we are young father and we don?t have much experience about feeding our babies.
on 21/11/2012
The nutrition is a very important part especially during the earliest periods of life. Today people buy anything that appears on TV as a healthy product and we believe that! Babies need a lot of attention and we need to give them the proper diet for their age. Nice article!

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