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What is the right cream for your skin? Learn how to choose it

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What is the right cream for your skin? Learn how to choose it

Keeping your skin hydrated is essential for beautiful skin that is free of infection or illness. For fresh and healthy skin, it is a great idea to opt for a good moisturiser, but when choosing one of them we face a great dilemma as there is a huge variety of products and skin types. How do you know which one is the right one for you? Here are some tips to consider when you have problems making choosing a skin cream:

Tips for healthy skin

To choose a moisturiser, your skin type should be taken into account, i.e. whether it is normal (flexible, without irritations etc.) or if it is very dry (fine, tight, redness etc.). By defining the type of skin we have, we know what our needs are and thus we can make a conscious choice.

For ordinary dry skin, choose ingredients such as lanolin or petroleum jelly, because they help keep moisture locked into the skin. Components such as petroleum evaporate, avoiding the skin from becoming dry. It is also a good idea to use creams with urea or lactic acid as basic ingredients. Such constituents penetrate the skin and increase the moisture in the skin's surface.

If you want a protective effect and soothing cream, choose one with between 5% to 10% urea, while if you want to achieve an exfoliative effect, use creams containing up to 10% urea: This is ideal for thicker skin areas such as knees and elbows.

In order to ensure that the moisture of the skin is maintained for a longer time, it is important to apply the creams after bathing when the skin still feels wet and avoid using creams, lotions or perfumes with a high alcohol content, as the evaporation of the alcohol causes dry skin.

Another important issue is that you should always test the product to see how your skin reacts to the various ingredients' of the creams. Stay away from creams that cause unwanted allergic reactions, spots on your skin or any kind of peeling or irritation. The secret is to try different options, so you can find the cream that is best suited to you and is appropriate for the needs of your skin.

Remember that phrases like "intensive", "Preventative", "secret formula" do not guarantee the effectiveness of the product, so it is very important to remember that you should always check the label for key components, in this way you make sure it is really effective to maintain healthy skin.


Finally, do not forget that taking care of your skin is a daily task and that the more products we use, doesn’t guarantee a better result, so here are some simple suggestions that will help improve the health of your skin and prevent dryness:

  • Drink enough water.
  • Avoid excessive scratching.
  • Periodically review the skin, especially those areas that are most vulnerable to climate change such as hands, face etc.
  • Opt for short showers and avoid very hot water.
  • Do not rub the skin when you get out of the shower: Dry by patting lightly to avoid damaging the skin's surface.
  • Keep folded areas in the body such as groin, neck and armpits clean and dry to prevent infection.
  • Remember that more is not always better, so using creams in excess can lead to the emergence of infections.
  • If symptoms persist, do not forget to visit a dermatologist that will address your specific case.

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5 Reviews about What is the right cream for your skin? Learn how to choose it
on 08/04/2016
I didn't find this article very helpful for choosing the best cream for my needs... I have oily/combination skin and this article just barely scratches the surface on dry skin, but no other skin types are mentioned. It also does not mention the golden rule, which can be applied to a lot of skin complaints: You are what you consume. If you eat a lot of fatty, greasy products then these will manifest in your skin. Putting creams on your skin is not always the best option and sometimes it just requires lots of hydration (drinking water) and some sunshine!
on 08/08/2014
I've had pretty "bad" skin my whole life. I'm 27, and just a few years ago started to see my acne clear up for me. I went ot a dermatologist (which was not such a great experience), he prescribed me oral antibiotics (prescription pills), a topical prescription cream to dry out the skin, and then I had to apply a moisturizing cream afterward because it dried my skin out so bad! I finally decided - after no effect - that thiat was a terrible prescription, so I stopped doing everything cold turkey. I even stopped washing my face, and that was actually the best thing Iever did. Now, I only wash when there is noticeable dirt on my face, and my skin looks great!
on 29/06/2014
this is not really helping me out to choose the cream for me, I don't know but you could done it better
on 04/08/2013
Many people just find themselves stuck with a ugly skin even though they have used many creams and ointments, and this is because not all creams are made for all persons so then you have to investigate what kind of skin you have maybe with some doctor that can help you realize that, and then start looking for creams that support the factors of your own skin
on 04/07/2013
This problem of dry skin affect many people even though they don?t realize it and the sun is a major factor that affect it at all so we should include a sun blocker too and moisturize very often to avoid dryness, but not too often to gain some kind of fungus or and infection!

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