What is expected for Biocultura 2010? Biocultura 2010, was wird erwartet? ¿Qué se espera para Biocultura 2010?

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What is expected for Biocultura 2010?

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What is expected for Biocultura 2010?

From Friday, April 30, begins the Palau Sant Jordi in Barcelona a new edition of the largest organic farming: Biocultura 2010. This 17th edition of the exhibition of biological products and responsible drinking will continue until May 2.

This year, the message to be spread is related to a return to production and consumption that "touch of feet of earth." And today's world live completely at the back of natural universe. Resources are depleted, people think only of the material. While some people think of reversing the situation. While large companies are determined to destroy in order to continue enlarging the accounts of only a few, BioCultura show each spring in Barcelona, alternatives to the current barbarism: forms of production, consumption, food, medicine ... that return the human being in harmony with the Earth.

It will once again offer a place of light amidst the darkness of the global crisis. Will then be a good opportunity to consider many things, in the same way that a disease can be seen as an opportunity to change habits that make us sick.

What is coming on in the 2010 edition?

In BioCultura, we can find a wide and varied range combined with a high level of quality, characteristics of maturity and professionalism of the operators in the "bio" sector and the firms in each edition. About 700 exhibitors and over 80,000 visitors make it the main biological fair in peninsula. And like every year, the Children Green Festival Mamaterra will be held.

There are over 15,000 referrals of organic food products, and a multitude of products and suggestions for daily life have also been obtained organically without the use of synthetic chemical substances.
Thus, there are also natural products for hygiene and cosmetics, bio materials, renewable energy, furniture and decoration for housing and healthy workplaces, therapies and complementary medicines, saving and recycling, industrial hemp, ecology, environment , rural tourism and nursing homes, toys, crafts, music, books and magazines.

"Another world is possible"

The program of activities this year in BioCultura is broad and covers many topics of common interest. It will feature experts in alternative medicine, authentic, organic farming scholars, activists of that "another world is possible", and more. They will share their knowledge and experience.

Presentations, panel discussions and debates to find other ways of living, to heal, feed, building are possible, feasible, sustainable and efficient. The idea is to report an unfair situation and alarming, and raise work together to achieve an equitable, free and healthy. More than 180 panel discussions, workshops and lectures are also part of this open debate in favor of a dignified life in peace.

Slow Food International

The Slow Food International President Carlo Petrini will give a lecture at the Forum Eco-Chef Restaurants KM0 to be held this Sunday in Bio-Culture. Slow Food brings together more than 83,000 people in 112 countries on five continents. Its distinctive means giving due importance to the pleasure related to food, learning to enjoy the diversity of the recipes and flavors, to recognize the variety of production sites and local cultures, to respect the rhythm of the seasons and local businesses.

Source: Vida Sana

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2 Reviews about What is expected for Biocultura 2010?
on 24/10/2014
I'd be really interested to hear a review of how this went, and also a few expectations for upcoming events. These events are always so interesting, and even just the energy that the people bring together is so inspiring. I'm definitley looking forward to attending more of these events, not only for the seminars, but for the travel as well!!!!
on 01/04/2013
I went to a ?Slow food international? event and I was surprised with all the information you can receive during the workshops and lectures. Even though you do not really want to change you habits, you can learn something and make a little change to save the world for the future, you just have to learn something new, which is always helpful

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