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Wellness Center Oncosalud

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Wellness Center Oncosalud

Oncosalud is a spa with its own philosophy, with a holistic approach that goes beyond the aesthetic and addresses the human being as a whole, i.e. in the physical, mental, spiritual and emotional, thus achieving a holistic touch.

The center offers a variety of specialties, both in the personal, as in the quality of the products used, as well as strict asepsis of place and the elements.

Their customers, whether they have health problems, have undergone any surgery or aesthetic need, or have in their lives with stress, deadlines and multiple responsibilities and obligations, are also benefiting a comprehensive, special and varied menu of treatments.

All treatment guided with relaxation exercises, visualization and breathing, which can be useful if the practice in daily life; is also working with Aromatherapy prepared synergies specific and unique to each client, as needed; Music, using the music for a defined purpose and according to the purpose of each client, thus receiving a different and unique product in the middle.

For clients with health problems or post-operative, maintained close contact with him and the doctors to adapt well to the specific needs of specific clients.

Relaxing massage

This therapy is used to deliver products specially prepared for a feeling of balance, both physical and mental. 

The therapeutic herbal cream that contains ingredients with softeners, lubricants, moisturizers and repairers, as Chamomile, and a touch of Comfrey Arnica, unique combination of oils that are appropriate to the skin when irritated, dry, damaged and tired, is absorbed quickly leaving the skin soft, silky and free of fat waste.

This product is wonderful to do a treatment that includes therapy very mild and subtle touches such as LomiLomi and Lymphatic massage Energy, to relieve stress, fatigue and reluctance to cause stress and handling external complicated situations.


The benefits of Aromatherapy in the care of the body and mind, known since ancient times, are known that fragrances used appropriately interfere in the moods of people, there are regulators, life, relaxing, calming and more.

Carefully selected and combined in perfect balance with oils , warm essential oils are applied to the body with gentle manipulation and sedatives, are absorbed through the skin and slowly evaporate during therapy, allowing the rich essences in the air to spread special fragrance, delicately relaxing, easing tension and fatigue, revitalization and providing a feeling of balance.

Lymphatic energy drainage 

This healthy, relaxing and subtle treatment, which combines movements of lymphatic drainage and the activation energy points east from work , is perfect for achieving a state of calm and relaxation, the effect of palpation of the approach is to activate the lymphatic circulation, as necessary for the proper disposal of accumulated toxins in the body and regenerate the body.
It is a soothing treatment, highly effective in skin tired and battered, ideal for post-cosmetic surgery, liposuction and fluid retention problems, and help to eliminate bruising and swelling caused by surgery or aggressive treatments. Very effective for the problems of constipation and stomach aches.

Lavender Facial

The properties: Lavender have been known since immemorial times, as recognized by the almost magical power to purify, relax, rejuvenate and heal that which touches, so deep and sensitive.

Used product for facials, Lavender cleans and nourishes the skin of the face and neck gently, and in combination with the gentle facial massage followed by the esthetician, attenuates expression lines and calms irritated skin by the sun, medicines or environmental hazards. The delicious fragrance of Lavender, multiplies the benefits of treating mental and emotional level, these qualities are characteristic of the known health effects of this wonderful plant.

Shiatsu Eastern Technical

In which the fingers and hands of the therapist work on specific points of the body of the receiver exercising different kinds of pressure and manipulation appropriate to relieve pain producing muscles tense, alleviate fatigue, relieve the physical discomforts and level energies of the body. This treatment restores physical vitality and mental serenity, to help the person to achieve a welfare state, renewing and balancing energies.

To optimize the outcome of this therapy, healthy, essential oils are used to choose, to perfume the air. A soft music selected for this purpose will accompany the client throughout treatment.


The chromotherapy, known since ancient times, is an integrative and complementary therapy, which is used in natural medicine, works with the colors in which it splits the light spectrum. 

The chromotherapy has its own scope, is soft, it is not toxic, can be applied to any age and association with other therapies and medicines to enhance their effects.

The objective of the chromotherapy is to combat the ills that affect the proper functioning of the body and disturbances in the emotional and mental energy, giving each man the vibration that needs and balanced way holistically. 

The chromotherapy is inclusive, because different methodologies can be used too, in addition to the tool called piezoelectric, baton color and light that is projected onto the body of the receiver.

There are breathing exercises, relaxation and visualization according to the needs of each person. During the meeting, are also used Solarized oils, Solarized water, essential oils in natural synergies prepared for every need, quartz, aromatherapy, music specially prepared to assist in meeting and handling the body long and delicate, that apply to final the session, to achieve balance of body and mind of the patient.

Oncosalud Wellness Center 
Av Guardia Civil 571, Lima, Peru

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1 Reviews about Wellness Center Oncosalud
on 01/06/2015
We definitely need much more of these centers, especially in the West. I feel like so much of Western culture ignores actual health and well-being, and we desperately need centers like this to help us regain our internal balance in a harmonious way.

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