Prosperity with the power of Gratitude Wohlstand mit der Kraft der Dankbarkeit Prosperidad con el poder de la Gratitud

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Prosperity with the power of Gratitude

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Prosperity with the power of Gratitude

Many of us have learned from a young age to give thanks: "Thanks for dinner." "Thanks for the gift." "Thank you for your words, for friendship, life..." and many more. They also remind us all the time: "Did you give thanks to your aunt, your cousin, your dad, your teacher? ..." This is, course, with the best of intensions, mainly as a form courtesy of a nice way to match a favor, gift or care for someone or something. But did we really learn about the gratitude?

If we are honest, saying thank you often is just an expression, a word that does not represent anything for us, we say thank you while on the other hand we do not like the gift, or thinking that we were worthy of something more valuable, something that we deserved better, etc. We appreciate without feeling it, and that is really gratitude, we are even forced to thank feeling anger, blame, frustration, etc. Thus, spontaneous and honest attitude that should be the act of thanksgiving is being buried in exchange for the proper education, becoming a simple and superficial word, a word that is repeated many times mechanically.

The power of gratitude?

Recently I read that if we learn to give thanks we multiply our gifts, the article spoke of miracles and repeat a thousand times thank you for this and that, but never explained what was really the act of feeling grateful. I think that's why someone told me about the article: "These are pure nonsense"

What is gratitude?

Gratitude arises as spontaneous emotion when you're happy, that's one of the best definitions. But let us see the word gratitude means "grace." Etymologically, the word gratitude share the same roots that "grace". And grace can be understood as the gift or free help of supernatural and God (or a supernatural force). But we can also say that when you're in is because grace is somehow favored, either by a friend, an object, an experience or something supernatural.

Feeling encouraged is feeling that the balance between what we give and receive is loaded in receiving side, i.e. the feeling of grace arises when one feels someone is "more" of what that is giving, then, spontaneously, one is grateful.

What prevents you from feeling grateful?

I think one of the major impediments to not feel full and honest gratitude is when we feel very often that the balance is charged over the "other side", that is, we think that we give more than we are receiving. The moment we feel that we are not favored in spite of everything we give, "then we are looking forward to receive things, and our acts are insinuated" and we request more and more every time.

The mere fact, for example, of thinking that our dad or mom should give, make or bring, etc., immediately causes a feeling of dissatisfaction, and stronger this feeling, the more you feel the claim, without taking into account the things that, on the other hand, we have. The mere fact of thinking that someone should give the seat, take us into account, invite us, etc., we just feel that someone owes us something, which then leads to think that anything we receive us is "little" and inadequate and we are also mindful that we get what we need. We have forgotten who is who receives more, who cares.

The power of gratitude

Gratitude is powerful, it is really a secret to increase our goods in every sense, but this is not only the fact of saying thank you. Thankful attitude is giving, rather than waiting for others to give.

When operated this attitude, immediately abundance in every sense begins to flow, and we understand that "we receive what we give". But to get this noble and generous position that is the giving, before we should take into account that no one owes us anything, that life can be anything unless unjust, that all we have is because we deserve it, and is we want change fortune, we guide that luck.

I cannot miss to mention one of the pieces that have inspired me more gratitude in this life. I thank in advance to Yehudi Menuhin (violinist and orchestra leader internationally recognized, among many other things) having put into words something so beautiful and very inspiring.

"Full for a united family, close friends and sublime creators, I attempt to restore the balance of this sort only other attempt to correct the balance in favor of my life, always looking to get the word and message of the music will become more understandable and convincing for other people's lives, that of children, especially through education. Despite my numerous attempts I only help them gain more and more affection. The balance sheet remains unbalanced. I am still liable for the lives and hold with great humility and with all my gratitude. " Yehudi Menuhin.

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3 Reviews about Prosperity with the power of Gratitude
on 18/05/2015
Gratitude can change your entire life, no matter what you have in life, or what you don't have, if you are gracious for these things you will be blessed. It's all about your mindset, and havin gratitude is a key point for finding happiness and bliss.
on 04/05/2014
too much sweet for me, I don't buy this, I really don't... but well if some people believe this is true,, I would like to hear the opinion of someone who has done something incredible using this...

so what?

on 07/07/2013
Nice and inspiring article, I actually didn?t understand very well the words of that person, or maybe I just don?t find them inspiring or something, but the rest is very nice, we have learn the bad way of saying thanks and we are just used to it, we need to change the attitude and be more grateful !

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