World hunger could end by 2025 Wir könnten den Hunger in der Welt bis zum Jahr 2025 vernichten Se podría acabar con el hambre en el mundo en 2025

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World hunger could end by 2025

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World hunger could end by 2025

The last day of summer school, The environmental dimension of sustainable development, organized by the Universidad San Pablo CEU and held since last Tuesday June 27th at the Real Fábrica de Cristales de La Granja San Ildefonso (Segovia), was opened today by taking the word commitment as principal character. 

Around commitment, the conference of Sustainable development and poverty that made the professor of the School Senior Agronomists from the University Complutense de Madrid, Ignacio Trueba was held. It is necessary for governments to acquire global commitments to fight poverty. The main challenge that our generation should address is the eradication of world hunger by the year 2025. The teacher explained the strategy, along with 38 other experts, that would achieve that end. We do not care being called utopian, but what is clear is the need to prioritize, taking into account how the world's population will grow, he added. If we believe, this could be achieved.

In addition, Trueba denounced that the main problem is that governments fail to correct the inequity. Steps are taken to resolve certain issues, but nothing is done to tackle the basic inequality in income distribution that exists in the world, established.

Moreover, Professor of College of Forestry Engineering of the Polytechnic University of Madrid, Roberto Rodríguez-Solano told the ongoing commitment of the students who purchase the municipalities where they adhere to the Local Agenda 21, which committed to develop local strategies to achieve a sustainable environmental management. Local Agenda 21 is not equal for all, is a 'tailor-made' made to meet the specific needs of each municipality, he said.

As a curiosity, the expert noted that 33 percent of European municipalities that have signed this agreement in Spanish and sustainable management are elaborated on the need to deepen the concept of sustainable city, and that half the world population lives in big cities, that percentage rises to 80 percent ell in case of the European continent. But be careful, because the word sustainability is now widely used, like a fashion, but not always associated with concepts. The thing to do is to think about their application for the benefit of future generations, added Rodriguez-Solano.

Man and nature, seen in film 

Journalist and director of the Department of Development and Environment at the University of Nebrija, Antonio Carlos Cachan, discussed with those attending the summer course at the University San Pablo CEU different visions of man provides the film in its relationship with nature. Usually the movies show it as being destructive, rampaging forest ecosystems, driven only by consumption, he said. Other pictures show a man running as an animal. But I prefer the eco-humanist vision who thinks that humans are superior to animals that do not break the harmony of the cosmos but is the center of concerns for sustainable development, he said.

Source: USP CEU

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1 Reviews about World hunger could end by 2025
on 03/02/2014
Amazing article, I would love to attend this place, but anyway I feel like I have learned something very good to achieve a better world and to feel better to fight for a better future for the kids, without hunger, that could be awesome, we need to reach out that world

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