First Fair of organic products in Extremadura Erste Messe für Bio-Produkte in Extremadura Se celebró la l° Feria de productos ecológicos de Extremadura

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First Fair of organic products in Extremadura

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First Fair of organic products in Extremadura

As part of a very good atmosphere and a successful public participation one step closer was achieved to the region of Extremadura in which farming is concerned. Thus it was that, in Caceres, was convened with the people they consider the idea of organic products and their organoleptic qualities and recognize the health benefits they bring. This was one of the most important goals in I Ecological Products Fair in Extremadura, Extrema Bio 2009.

Thousands of people have passed through the fair and have acquired more than twelve thousand tickets to buy and consume a variety of products from organic farming and natural treatment. Among them, we could appreciate vegetables, fruits, meat, oils, ice cream, beers, wines, sausages, wines, candy, etc.. These products were developed and produced under stringent quality standards.


In attractive, useful and appealing wooden huts have displayed all products specially prepared. For its part, the public coming for the first time, others to expand knowledge, provided much interest in knowing the qualities, characteristics and benefits of various organic products, which have been exhibited and offered for Extrema Bio 2009. 

The fair, attended by approximately 28 companies, also included two days of technical seminars held in the Aula de Cultura de la Caja Extremadura and a sample tasting of green business. Over the past 20 and June 21 at the Paseo de Cánovas, could enjoy various regional organic products.

The days were discussed technical issues related to food and farming in areas as diverse as health, environmental benefits, control and identification of food quality, consumption and sale. Some of the lectures were titled as "The consume and organic food, farming experiences in the garden of leisure of the Ribera del Marco Caceres," and "The quality of organic food", and panel discussions conducted under the topic "Experience in direct sales of organic food and organic food and health."
Thus, throughout these two days of Technical Seminars at the Fair, professionals and technicians of national and regional administrations have exposed and discussed the advantages and deployment of products, their relationship to health, economy and agro-industrial development and the degree of awareness and influence in society on them.

"Popularizing products"

The president of the Ecological Association of Extremadura, Juan Jesus Collado had announced that the main objectives of the fair were to "popularize organic products in the regional society, rather than a traditional trade fair." According to Collado, "It is important to highlight the involvement of the organizing committee of the fair, in addition to the University, the Provincial Council, the Ministry of Commerce, the Association of the Restoration including, besides EMPRECOEx and the City." Collado noted the progress that involves the creation of the show, as well as the regional consortium of export of organic food, made two months ago: "These initiatives show that business in organic products from Extremadura were sensitive that it is necessary to join forces. " Most companies in Extremadura for organic products are SMEs, on the periphery of European markets, which implies Collado for "a very important problem of logistics: the grouping of supply could be a way to overcome it."

Extreme Bio 2009 has been a first step which served mainly to assess and explain the products. It also concludes that much remains to be traveled path and that things are being done with discretion and objectivity. It is implying that the second edition of the Fair is now a reality, since both the Administration, business and consumers made a success of this first edition.

Extreme Bio Fair was organized by the Institución Ferial de Caceres (IFECA) in collaboration with the Ecological Association of Extremadura, which brings together 17 companies from the region who sell such products, in addition to various institutions and professionals in the region, and the sponsorship of the Caja de Extremadura.

Currently, the third region is the region that has more area devoted to organic farming. Today there are already some 25 companies that market their products outside Spanish territory.

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2 Reviews about First Fair of organic products in Extremadura
on 15/10/2014
This is absolutely great news! How good to know that they're placing such wonderful emphasis on organic farming, and promoting it among the population. I'd really like to see one in Spain; I know we have organic farms like this in the U.S. as well, and they're super fun too. Thanks for the great information!!
on 05/07/2013
I have read some of the articles in this page and I know this is from 2009 so I'm glad to hear that today they still persist on doing more events to promote the sell and the production of natural and healthy products, these events should be done at every place of the world and reach the small don't understand the problems too.

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