Organic: the first fair of organic food in Catalonia Die erste Bio-Messe für ökologische Lebensmittel in Katalonien Ecológica será la primera feria de alimentación ecológica de Cataluña

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Organic: the first fair of organic food in Catalonia

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Organic: the first fair of organic food in Catalonia

The new fair Palace Exhibition and Congress Tarragona will host on June 8th to 10th, 2007 the Organic Fair, the first fair of organic food in Catalonia.

With the creation of room for organic products, it is intended to raise awareness of these foods to the population, encouraging the sale and consumption. It should be noted that Spain is the second European country and the world's eighth with most surface in organic crops. However, 80% of Spanish production is exported mainly to Europe, mainly Germany, Holland, France and the United Kingdom.

Room will have about 60 exhibitors, all offering product presentations, cooking demonstrations, tastings and wine, among other activities.

The activities of the event include the tasting of vegetables, wine and oil. During the 3 days of the fair, renowned chefs made exhibits cuisine with organic products.

The sectors represented include: organic products by the CCPA (Catalan Council of Ecological Agricultural Production), institutions, cooperatives and Regulatory Board.

Weekend schedule of the fair will be 11 to 21 hours. The entrance fee is 3 euros and some 15,000 people are expected to visit the show.

The fair organizes the Green Area and Strategies for the Advancement of Tarragona and Marketing Company IDEEM.

With the collaboration of the Tarragona and the Department of Agriculture, Alimentació i Acció Rural de la Generalitat de Catalunya.

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1 Reviews about Organic: the first fair of organic food in Catalonia
on 28/10/2014
Wow, this was written already almost 8 years ago - that's crazy! I'm going to go ahead and wager that it is continuing to thrive and has turned into an annual event. I've heard a lot of these fairs take place every year in Spain, so I'm wondering how each of them differs from the others, and what special attractions each one provides.

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