Do you want to know more about soy? Wollen Sie mehr wissen über Soja? ¿Te gustaria saber más acerca de la soja?

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Do you want to know more about soy?

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Do you want to know more about soy?

Soy is a food widely known among the vegetarians, because it is a legume rich in minerals, vitamins, carbohydrates, protein and plenty of really high quality, contains a higher percentage than any food animal or plant.

This important food contains 8 essential amino acids and is notable for its richness in potassium, phosphorus, calcium and magnesium, in addition to containing fluoride and iron. Here we also find vitamins A, E and B-complex vitamins.

It contains high content of folic acid, vitamin K and nickel, and some numbers of iodine, zinc, copper, manganese and selenium.

Vegetable protein in soy is very beneficial for the body because it is free of cholesterol. Among the products derived from soybeans are many foods so you can choose:

Tofu: it is also called vegetable cheese. This has all the nutritional value of soybeans. It is widely used in the kitchen to prepare various dishes, from soups and salads to casseroles and desserts.

Soy sauce: rich in minerals and vitamins. This is a good seasoning for dressing salads, dishes, starters, etc.

The germinated soybean: rich in enzymes, chlorophyll and minerals. Ideal in the kitchen to prepare salads, vegetable juices, pancakes, vegetarian, and so on.

Tamari: is a rich sauce made with fermented soybeans, salt and sea water. It is used to dress various dishes as soups, salads, rice, stews, vegetables, etc.

The tempeh: made with soybeans, this is a food from fermented soybeans, and which is in the form of cake with all the properties of fermented products. Depending on the quality, may have more fiber and vitamins than tofu, and a somewhat stronger flavor.

The miso: is a Chinese condiment, rich in enzymes and ferments, which helps promote intestinal flora and aid in some other ailments like kidney. The miso is used in the kitchen to prepare soups and salads.

Soymilk: in the market you can currently find a large variety of brands. This really is a nutritious beverage with good taste that has half the fat and calorie content significantly below the cow's milk. It is sold in powder and liquid. Actually it exceeds to cow's milk as contains more nutritional properties and not form dense flakes difficult to digest in the stomach causing indigestion, problems of gas and then "stick" in intestines, as does cow's milk. Soymilk is an ideal food for everyone, but is highly recommended especially for children and those who cannot tolerate lactose.

Soy meat: The meat is made with soy beans and can replace without any problem to the animal flesh. Today we can find many presentations and seasoned and ready to warm up and added to the dish to have in mind. Some of their presentations are: hamburgers, mince, Milan, bistek, meatballs, and so on.

Vegetable Sausages: those made from soybeans and quality elements that replace the sausage made from animal flesh. Among them we can find sausages, salami, ham, pâté, etc.

Soybean oil: an oil rich in lecithin and vitamins E and K. Used to prepare many dishes without cholesterol.

All these foods help to have a strong immune system, and combined with a balanced diet and exercise are indeed a valuable aid in preventing diseases and contribute to the health and welfare in general.

Benefits of soy derivatives against animal flesh

  • Foods derived from soybeans are rich in iron, potassium and phosphorus.
  • They are more easily digestible than meat.
  • Soy contains twice calcium than eggs and ten times more than the meat.
  • It has a greater amount of B vitamins, riboflavin twice over the eggs.
  • The soy products are low in calories and contain no cholesterol. The meat is high in saturated fats.
  • Soybean, being a plant contains phytoestrogens, plant substances that act as powerful antioxidants and prevent aging.

Soy is a food currently recognized by all who care about having a healthy diet. It has been found that the distribution of amino acids of soybean in the body is very similar to that of animal protein, and its rate of utilization of protein is almost equal to animal protein, with the advantage that the plant proteins are highly more beneficial to health than the animals.

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1 Reviews about Do you want to know more about soy?
on 29/08/2015
There is definitely a lot of information otu about soy, and really I do believe it is a healthy, good alternative for some people, but there are also studies out about how too much soy (especially in women) alters hormone levels and can lead to breast cancer. All in moderation!

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