Strong and rapidly growing Nails following these simple tips Die besten Tipps für schöne und starke Fingernägel ¿Quieres unas Uñas fuertes y de rápido crecimiento? Sigue estos sencillos tips

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Strong and rapidly growing Nails following these simple tips

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Strong and rapidly growing Nails following these simple tips

A nice detail that never goes unnoticed are the nails. While we look not directly on them or are the first thing we notice, nails speak of our personality but is not necessary to carry in a stunning way, even though painting and decorating is a detail of coquetry that many women enjoy (and men too), natural nails, well groomed, clean and healthy, strong, can be very sexy and attractive alike.

Brittle nails or that don’t grow fast speak primarily of our health and the care we take with our fingernails. The nails that do not grow or are weak are one of the most common problems in the nails. So here I give you a simple guide to learn about your nails and can help with very simple and natural remedies.

What are your nails?

The nails are modified skin, which means they are part of our skin but with a higher concentration of keratin (fibrous protein) that is deposited in the rest of the skin, which makes these more harsh and inflexible.

Are the nails dead skin?

The skin has several layers, one of which is the epidermis, which is composed of layers of cells. In the last two layers of the dermis is usually deposited keratin, which usually peel for cell regeneration and no longer receives nutrients. What emerges from this scaling are dead cells. All skin undergoes this process of cell regeneration, but as nail keratin concentration is higher, so it is believed that consists of dead cells, because most hardened contains dead cells.

How much nails grow in a month?

The growth rate varies from person to person and diet. But usually grow on average about four inches a month. Some people do not cut their nails and can become very long. However, the fingernails grow four times faster than toenails.

Habits that mess up and weaken the nails:

  • Bites
  • Opening or bottle caps with them
  • Using detergents without gloves
  • Poor diet
  • Perform gardening without gloves
  • Do not let them breathe and bring them constantly painted
  • Lack of hygiene and infection
  • Use inappropriate footwear
  • Do not ventilate enough
  • Poor hygiene
  • Do not consume enough minerals
  • Infections (fungi, etc.)

Natural remedies

If your nails often break or pull, follow these tips:

  • Cucumber juice: make cucumber juice (pass half cucumber with everything and skin in extractor) and then immerse for about twenty minutes your nails in the juice. Repeat this every week and see the difference. Aloe juice is also excellent to strengthen them.
  • Peel an onion or garlic juice and soak your nails. This remedy is very powerful, strengthen your nails and make them look very healthy. Leave to act as long as possible. You can do it when you cook or before falling asleep, when you can wrap your hands with gloves and leave on for garlic or onions.
  • To prevent breaking them, you need to have them filed. So each night do it a little to remove any edge which lies outside its natural borders.
  • Do not cut the cuticles of your nails which are not there for decoration, they serve to protect your nail and prevent you from nail infections. Furthermore, if you cut very often, only harden more.
  • Do not open caps, cans or objects with your nail because tailings will crack easily.
  • Use plastic gloves for household chores and gardening.
  • Eat frequently fresh vegetable juices (freshly made, not bought in stores) which will provide your body enough minerals to nourish your nails.
  • Do not overuse nail polish, as these contain many ingredients that are not healthy for your nails, well, abuse can turn your nails yellow and weak. Avoid using acetone.
  • The bath in half a cup of warm water with two tablespoons of olive oil, is an extraordinary remedy to keep nails strong, smooth and shiny. Soak for 10 minutes and then never rinse, distribute the water with the oil in your hands and let your skin absorb this powerful oil packed with vitamin E.
  • The essential oil of orange, lemon and grapefruit juice are also good to brighten and strengthen nails. Apply aloe natural creams, honey, rose hips and oats which nourish your nails.

Do you want to grow them?

You need to take garlic and also rub raw garlic as often as you can. Nothing better to strengthen them and make them grow than nurture. This remedy also helps prevent and combat fungi, both in fingernails and in the toenails. Horsetail is also a good remedy to strengthen them. For this, dip your nails in a horsetail infusion for 20 minutes.

Your diet is very important, you should not lack minerals and vitamins because if you do, your nails will be weak and brittle. Be sure to include in your diet seaweed, yeast and many vegetables.

If you follow these remedies, you will see your nails grown strong soon and also you will be surprised how fast they grow.

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5 Reviews about Strong and rapidly growing Nails following these simple tips
on 17/01/2018
Very nice

<a href="">UJ</a>

on 18/07/2016
Nails CAN'T GROW 4 Inches in a month! That is absurd.
on 12/09/2014
Interesting! I read a really good article yesterday that had some great tips on homemade oils you could use for your nails and cuticles. That plus this information should be everything I need to know to keep my nails strong and long. Thanks so much for the great information, this was a very thorough and well-written article.
on 01/06/2014
I know I'm a guy but I do like having healthy nails so I will follow some of the tips you share here..
on 05/06/2013
I tend to have very brittle fingernails and I think it?s my mistake of doing all those works at home and forget using gloves, they tend to break but maybe it?s something else, like a lack of something because normal nails don?t break for such small activities, so my idea is to drink more nutritive juices and begin from the first important point

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