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Walking: health benefits and how to do it properly

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Walking: health benefits and how to do it properly

Walking is one of the best exercises that exist to maintain health. While it is necessary to go the gym or other exercises to keep the body strong and healthy, walking is a sport that, besides being extremely favorable for the legs, it helps to keep and regain the physical and emotional health.

This time we are not talking about walking in sports or for a routine to walk with the purpose of thinning. Now we will speak simply of the action of walking as a healthy habit, making notes of all the benefits you get when you walk to transport you three blocks before coming to your house, or when you leave your car and walk to your homework.


  • Walking is cheap and you do not have to invest anything.
  • You can perform the activity at the time you want, even if you're in your office.
  • You do not need anything but a special shoes.
  • You can do it anywhere in the schedule that is most comfortable.
  • You do not need special equipment or couch for walking.
  • Walking is an excellent habit for all ages, especially for seniors.
  • Pregnant women can do it too.


  • Improve your circulation
  • Oxygenate your body.
  • Burn excess fats and toxins
  • Strengthen your legs (your calves and thighs)
  • To combat cellulite and flaccidity
  • Strengthen your cardiovascular system
  • Exercises your heart
  • Exercises many muscles that are essential for walking (see how to walk properly)
  • Relax and release emotional and muscular tension
  • Clear your mind and stimulate your creativity

How to walk properly?

While walking is a very healthy habit, each time you walk, look at the way you do it, because sometimes we could be flawed, walking bent, with the abdomen loose, ungainly and / or tight. Walking tells a lot of our personality, so we can begin to take special care when walking. These simple steps can help you correct your posture when walking:

  • The first thing is to avoid hasty walk. This is a habit that many have but few observe. Hurried walk makes our muscles get tight and our body gets rigid and has not very harmonious walking. We must start by lowing the rate of your footsteps, trying to take your time between steps, try to enjoy your walk.
  • The abdomen should be collected and the back straight, shoulders back, but without exaggeration, avoid taking the breast, it should be relaxed, the shoulders should be placed in a natural position.
  • The pace of the walk should be carried by the hips, that's why your abdomen should be tight.
  • The arms should be loose on the sides if you do not get charged anything and you must allow them to move to the rhythm of your walk.
  • Avoid seeing the floor when you walk, the look should go ahead.

Remember, if you plan to walk during the day or at the edge of the beach, use a good sunscreen. It is also necessary to keep your body well hydrated, so do not forget to bring a bottle of water and, although you are not thirsty, drink small sips, this will help you keep your skin in good condition.

Walking on the beach is one of the best exercises, but here is where you should take extra precautions with the sun and moisture.

Excuses to walk:

  • If you walk more and use less cars, less pollution in the environment and you do not have parking problems. So if you're somewhere close and there is crowded public transport, do not hesitate to leave your car at home.
  • If you walk more, you will be better and more relaxed mood to get ideas, as walking helps to dispel depression, tension and anxiety.
  • Walking is a habit and an exercise that has no risk of injury as many other exercises.

If you walk when you have slack or feel discouraged, you will feel very encouraged after having walked two blocks.

Shoes suitable for walking

If you've decided to walk, it is best to look good footwear and avoid high heels (if you have them, better avoid walking). Do not necessarily have to wear tennis shoes for walking, there are many shoes that are great for walking and are also a good dress for ladies and gentlemen.

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3 Reviews about Walking: health benefits and how to do it properly
on 12/05/2015
I make a concerted effort to walk every day. And I'm not just talking abotu a short walk here, a short walk there. I commute by walking, whether it be 1 mile, 5 miles, and sometimes I even go on long 12 mile walks, just for fun! It's the best exercise!
on 29/06/2014
I like walking when I go to school, when I get there I feel so much better about myself, knowing that I am doing something good for me and my body, I really recommend this activity
on 21/06/2013
Walking keep me away from problems, and just like the article explains, it is always preferable to walk while relaxing ourself with some music than going in the bud or having problems with car traffic, and the human was made for walking in almost every place so just try it, this remember me to that song ?We walk? from the Ting Tings

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