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Walk without pain

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Walk without pain

Often, the aches and pains of the walks are the result of lack of balance in step. For a walk without pain, it's best to avoid these hassles.

Walk in a good way not only depends on maintaining an upright posture. We need a proper position, alignment of the feet, and a powerful impulse, so you can walk longer and more vigorously.

Pain in the front of the hips

Causes: bad back posture, poor posture of the hips, stiffed knees, weak abdominal muscles and hip flexors.
Solutions: Support your weight on the front part of your foot.

You can train a swinging pendulum, an exercise before walks, this way you keep your hips elevated to improve the step.
You have to maintain balance, and transfer your weight on your right leg. Once done this, swing your left leg forward and backward from 8 to 10 times without touching the ground, do the same with the opposite side. It will help to reduce discomfort in the hips during and after the walk.

Chipped in the shins

Causes: Excessive rolling of the feet inward and outward.
Solution: You should replace your shoes by a new pair, with good arch and heel support. When you walk, support your weight in the center of the heel (not the sides).

To strengthen the shins, walk on your heels a few minutes each day.

Shoulder pain

Causes: Insufficient arm swing, which constricts the blood supply.
Solution: While you walk, move your arms back and forth at an angle of approximately 15-20 degrees. Allow your shoulders to move.

Swollen hands

Causes: Fluid accumulation caused by having your arms hanging at your sides.
Solutions: As you walk, lift your left arm to the sky for a few seconds, while you press your right elbow against your side, bending it to touch your right shoulder with your fingers. Repeat with the right arm and do it 5 to 10 times with each arm, when necessary.

Sore knees

Causes: Your knees become rigid to hold your weight as you walk.
Solution: Keep your weight forward and pull your knees. Walk with your knees slightly bent a couple of minutes a day.

The benefits of walking

We know that walking is good, but do you know that there other benefits? If you want to achieve your goals, you should consider walking:

  • Lose weight. Walking helps control your appetite and improve your metabolism, nothing beats daily exercise!
  • Quit smoking. A nice walk will prevent you to gain weight, and therefore the smoking habit will decrease.
  • Improve the relationship with your partner or your family, including your friends. Call them to walk all together and improve the quality of your relationships.
  • Get a promotion or better concentration at school. Walking helps you to think more clearly, so you can deal with new challenges of the work or school, to get a promotion or to have better grades at school.
  • Save money walking. No need to pay an expensive gym or to buy equipment for exercise. But not only that: Also, is a most economic, ecological and healthy. Whether it's a short distance, do not hesitate to walk instead of using the car. Also, you can invite your children to walk in the park, or nice places. It is cheaper, and you can go to the movies.
  • It helps you to be happy. Walking increases the feeling of well-being, reduce daily stress, and can help you sleep better.

Walking does all this for you and more.

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2 Reviews about Walk without pain
on 31/10/2014
I have been a runner for nearly a decade now, and now that I'm coming closer into my 30's, I am really starting to think of hwo I can prevent joint deterioration and continue to train into my thirties and fourties. I really want to continue being active with running, but it is so much strain on the joints! I"m not ready to start walking yet!!!
on 09/11/2012
Walking is very effective to reduce weight as well! I?m walking for 1 hour a day since a couple of months and I?m feeling very healthy! Now that I know more benefits, I?ll take my brother for a walk, he must stop smoking as well!

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