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Vitamin supplements

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Vitamin supplements

Among those which are sports supplements, we find the vitamin or multivitamin complex. The main function of these compounds is vitamin smooth operation of our body.

People who play sports have a significant metabolic increase. And on many occasions this intense effort is not compensated with a balanced food intake, a diet rich in nutrients, and therefore recommend consumption of vitamin supplements. The idea is to regulate the athlete's diet: nutritional supplement generally improve and enhance athletic performance and achieve maximum development.

But it is necessary to know how vitamin supplements act in the body. So it is very important to inform, consult and carefully read the instructions on the products, as indiscriminate intake of these or others can cause serious toxic effects.

Vitamin supplements

The "dietary supplements" also called "nutritional supplements, dietary supplements" or "supplements" are an important part in some diets, since they cover some nutritional deficiencies or help our body to improve its functioning and performance.

Today there are plenty in the market for these products. The majority presents a balanced mix of vitamins and minerals. Vitamins are organic substances in food and unable to be synthesized by the body in sufficient quantity that are needed in very small quantities for metabolic functions. Various investigations show that a deficiency of vitamins influence physical performance and that when the deficiency is corrected, performance usually improves. It also shows that an adequate intake of various vitamins adversely affect psychological functions and related behavior (eg, anxiety, fatigue, excitability, etc.).

The most common is to counter an intense physical effort. These are formulas of vitamins and minerals for the development, recovery and continuing support for all physical activity. Also serve to correct the fatigue and physical exhaustion, before and after sports.

It should be borne in mind that vitamins are essential compounds for our body and be made daily in the diet because our body cannot synthesize (or does so in insufficient quantities). Its primary role is to "participate" in the control of lipid metabolism, protein and mineral glucidic. In other words, the vitamins do not directly give us energy, they are helping us to convert food into energy in the diet, that is why we use them when we feel fatigued, tired or low strength.

Vitamins to gain weight?

It is very common to hear that the vitamins help make fat or gaining weight. In this regard it should be clear that the cells in our body, including cells of muscles, perform certain biochemical reactions to get a proper metabolism, growth and maintenance. These reactions, in turn, depend on specific vitamins to help catalyze, or facilitate their actions. That is to say that without these vitamins won’t function well. Even if only one of these essential substances is poor, the progress of an athlete may be invalid. Virtually every energy production and muscle growth in trust and depend in one way or the other of a vitamin.

Keep in mind before consumption

  • A vitamin supplement is basically a preparation containing vitamins.
  • These supplements are consumed orally and sold in different forms such as tablets, capsules, soft gelatin capsules, gelatin capsules, liquids and powders.
  • They contain a "dietary ingredient" intended to supplement the diet. Examples of dietary supplements are vitamins, minerals, amino acids and food components such as enzymes and glandular extracts.
  • It is important to make clear that these products are not presented as a substitute for a conventional food or as a single component of a meal or the diet.
  • They are identified as dietary supplements on the label.
  • Often used when a lack of vitamins. Either because they have an inadequate diet or any other reason (stress, play sports). That is when the body's needs increase.

There are several types of supplements:

  • Multivitamins: contain many different vitamins and minerals sometimes.
  • Group B: contains B vitamins, and other times, such as C. The B vitamins are quite harmless.
  • Single-vitamin supplements: As the name suggests contain a specific vitamin.
  • Bars vitamins are dietary supplements rich in vitamins. They contain carbohydrates, milk protein of high biological value and provide all the vitamins necessary to meet the increased demands on the intense physical exertion or in any situation that requires an extra supply of vitamins. It's the nicest way to take vitamins.

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2 Reviews about Vitamin supplements
on 29/05/2015
I have never really bee na fan of taking vitamin supplements. I am a firm believer that if one follows a healthy, fresh, and wholesome diet (free of preservatives and processed foods of any sort), doctors will become absolutely obsolete.
on 02/08/2013
I think that most of the athletes, especially those who want to improve their muscles size forget about the bid importance of vitamins during this process and they only focus on having protein and carb to do it, which is one of the major mistakes as this could only bring a muscle with no force and actually very bad

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