VIII Agricultural and Biodiversity Fair VIII Messe über die Agrobiodiversität VIII FERIA DE LA BIODIVERSIDAD AGRÍCOLA

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VIII Agricultural and Biodiversity Fair

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VIII Agricultural and Biodiversity Fair

2nd European Seminar about seeds

Free the diversity!

V Technical Conference on seeds and genetic resources in organic agriculture Bullas (Murcia, Spain). October 12th to 15th, 2006.

Agricultural biodiversity is generated and accumulated by generations of farmers for centuries; it is in serious danger of extinction. The loss of quality of life in the countryside, the agricultural system powered from the CAP and the new uses of land and water (new irrigation developments, golf courses) are among the main causes of the unprecedented destruction of traditional agricultural landscapes, the erosion of genetic resources for food, as well as the abandonment of traditional culture related to the management and use of natural resources and agriculture.

The loss of agricultural biodiversity impact, as well, so very negative in many species of flora and fauna, with different degrees of threat, which is associated with traditional agroecosystems.

Exposing agricultural heritage society still cherish, along with projects and initiatives related to the recovery and conservation of Agrobiodiversity, is the main objective of this seventh edition of the Fair of agricultural biodiversity, which annually organizes the “Red Seeds”, “Seeding and exchanges”.

Parallel to the fair, the 2nd Conference on seeds “Free diversity” and V Technical Symposium of Seeds and genetic resources in organic agriculture will be held, which discuss issues related to intellectual property rights of agricultural biodiversity, organic agriculture as a place for the recovery and conservation of plant genetic resources, seed regulations on organic production or development of varieties adapted to organic agriculture, with the issue of genetically modified organisms.

Farmers, organizations, associations, institutions and individuals are involved in the use, management and conservation of agricultural biodiversity and are invited to exhibit their products or initiatives within the framework of the Fair, as well as individual activities. In the accompanying documentation is included tentative program, requests for booth entry form and photograph of the competition on Agricultural Biodiversity.


Joseph M. Egea. Dept. of Plant Biology (Botany), Faculty of Biología. Universidad of Murcia.Campus of Espinardo 30100 Murcia.

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1 Reviews about VIII Agricultural and Biodiversity Fair
on 30/10/2014
That's so amazing that such a wonderful following is coming around for organic agriculture. I'm so gald to hear that people are really becoming aware and concerned about hte products they are consuming when purchasing and preparing commercially grown produce. I know I wash my produce every time@!

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