VII Geobiology workshop VII Konferenz über Geobiologie und Green Building VII Jornadas de Geobiología y Bioconstrucción

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VII Geobiology workshop

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VII Geobiology workshop

PLACE AND HEALTH in House of Culture

2nd-3rd JUNE - 2007 - Sarria-Lugo


  • Commencement of Geobiology, the criteria of Bio habitat: Antonio Seijas. Technical Architect. Prospector. Javier Goyanes. Prospector
  • Electromagnetic Pollution: description, use and abuse. Facilities in biocompatible housing: José Luís Sequeira. Engineer - Associate Professor.
  • Techniques in bio.
  • Biocompatible Materials. Paco Alonso. Architect. Expert in bio.
  • To build healthy living healthy.
  • An architecture that covers needs an architecture that integrates and energizing. José Luis Rubio. Researcher energy sciences
  • Workshop dowsing energy applied to the quality of the place.
  • Sample of biocompatible materials, paints and solar systems.

Directed to

  • People interested in building, improving and optimizing their home, taking into account the correct location, the biocompatible materials and facilities, the shapes and colors and other appropriate criteria that give value to inhabit the consciousness of knowledge.
  • Constructors on the influence of the house on the health of their residents.
  • People who suffer from any ailment, you can find answers related to the illness in the immediate environment, housing, work.
  • All persons interested in geobiology, the place and the impact it plays in the construction, agriculture and global health.


GEA Studies Association


Sarria government. (Delegation of culture).


Registration and materials: 70 euro
GEA, students: 50 euros

Coordination and registration: Javier Lopez Goyanes.
Tel.: 982 22 27 95 / 607 75 22 20


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1 Reviews about VII Geobiology workshop
on 19/10/2015
All of these workshops sound really fantastic, and I think they're great for humanity in that we're coming up with creative solutions for how to live healthfully, and sustainibly. I really wish I had been able to attend this workshop, But sadly I'm just a few years too late.

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