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Victim or Creator

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Victim or Creator

In many stories and novels, we can easily find who the victim is, and in real life too. Usually, the victims are characterized because they are the most beloved; suffering for various reasons and it seems that there is always something or someone getting in their way to be happy. Often we play the role of victims because that's what we were taught or learned to be, perhaps because we live with someone who was like that and we simply repeat behaviors.

In fact, it is not “bad” being a victim, because this attitude is ultimately just a resource. However, the results of a victim is not very encouraging, because usually the victims, as mentioned, are not very happy to say or feel accomplished, they suffer a lot and usually feel constantly confused and misunderstood .

Despite the results and dull life of the victims, many of them do not want to feel responsible for their lives or their happiness because, after all, being a victim is comfortable, does not require much, there is something or someone responsible, and there are plenty of excuses so you do not even have to spend creativity to invent them.

That's why many victims do not recognize that they are that, because doing it will require a major change, which would begin to be creative and overcome many obstacles and barriers that need work, creativity and a lot of intention in advance. They would have to start tearing down many excuses and leave, among other things, being dependent, which is all internal reform that not everyone is prepared.

However, being responsible and creators of our reality and happiness is actually the greatest treasure. It may not be the easiest path, true, but the rewards are worth the risk. Eventually, the creator has the biggest treasures, is the most widely known and therefore, the one that develops confidence and skills. The creator is the one who enables unique capabilities of the self, is free, independent and strong emotionally and economical, and revels in tastes of life deeper and more rare.

Talking about the fortunes of the creator may be difficult to explain when you have not tasted them. However, the adventure to stop being a victim to be creative is worthwhile.

To begin to be creative, we need to identify where we are victims of circumstance, then you can start to strengthen this condition.

A victim usually has these attitudes:

  • The way of expressing it with phrases like: "He did it" "Because of him" "Look how he treats me" "Do not leave me" "It cannot be" I have not got "" No one helps me, see me, etc... "
  • A victim often conditions the affection: "If you do not do that" say, “then you aren’t worthy of my approval".
  • A victim usually believes that the luck is due: to the karma, the zodiac sign, destination, the decisions of government, the position of the stars, to the parents, to the religion, etc.,
  • A victim usually gets angry very often with everything and everyone, because they do not behave "as they consider the best".
  • A victim usually has friends that tell him/her what they expect to hear (not what you need to listen to), friends that also will promote its weaknesses with phrases like "You are good, the other is who is wrong."
  • A victim is often too often prey of confusion and depression and loneliness.
  • A victim takes everything as "personal" and feels attacked frequently with comments or attitudes of others.
  • A victim feels "very special" but nobody notices it.
  • A victim dependent on the friends and what others do to feel either "good" or "wrong."
  • A victim is very critical; prosecuting others, comparing living and giving opinion.

If you have one or more of these "symptoms", and want to stop being the victim to start a new life, then you have to start by giving these small but great little steps.

The 3 steps to turn this weakness in creative force

1. The first is change of perspective: if you still believe that someone will come to make you happy or that someone has stolen your joy, then change your mind. So you have to start taking responsibility for your happiness, and realize that everyone does what they can: your parents, boyfriend, friends, etc., have done what they could and have given you the best of them, though it does not seem like. You cannot require or ask for more of what they do. It is best to accept what we can give with gratitude and then turn to see how you can start to make you happy. The more you know to make you happier, more fulfilling experiences you can share with others, and will be less dependent on everything else. The first step is, then, stop blaming anyone for your life and decide that from now on, you will do everything necessary to carry out what you really want.

2. The next step is to accept yourself as you are: and stop judging yourself, because every time you try, you become an enemy of yourself. Instead of criticizing or feeling "little", you need to see with great objectivity, find your weaknesses and your strengths, and begin to act from there.

3. And the third point is to have you lot of confidence and respect for you: don’t put yourself in situations that doesn’t make you feel good or you do not like, and begin to create images of you and your life that you like and admire, and give encouragement to start implementing them. All this effort may require you to start a new attitude toward you and the others, but do not lose sight of what you love, and be surprised to discover little by little how strong and creative you are.

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2 Reviews about Victim or Creator
on 22/03/2015
Oh my gosh, YES! I feel like the majority of "adults" are still stuck in a very childish mindset of blaming others for their "problems". We are all the sole responsible party for our lives, and we CHOOSE how to experience life. Whether you realize it or not, if you are "victim", you have chosen to be so.
on 28/02/2013
This article is pretty interesting; I think that it can help a lot of people so I?m going to send it to my friends and other people from my work. Being a victim is something that most people are used to and that is such a bad thing, they aren?t original and they harm other people and themselves, so I hope to reach at least some people.

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