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4 Vermin that provide cures

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4 Vermin that provide cures

Generally when we consume a drug, we are led to believe that it is an extract of plants or natural substances that have been isolated from them or synthesized in a lab. Rarely does the possibility that they may come from an insect or animal come to mind, as it may cause repulsion, however, some drugs like this do exist.

While there is always some substance that is extracted from the insect or animal, sometimes the same substance plays an important role in the development and production of certain medications. Here we show some examples of vermin and common animals that have been manipulated to help in the health field:

1. Moths against flu

Influenza vaccines are usually made using samples of chicken eggs and moreover, people who are allergic to eggs could have a major allergic reaction to the implementation of such a vaccine.

However, the alternative to produce a vaccine came from a worm of a moth. This method has already been approved to develop other vaccines, but not for influenza. The good news is that it is a faster method than the conventional one, which increases production in less time giving the opportunity to cope with an epidemic more effectively.

2. Anti-cancerous scorpions

Perhaps it is an arachnid that causes fear in many people, but scorpions can be very useful when it comes to cancer. While some argue that scorpion venom can eliminate and cure cancer, today there are no studies to support it. However, what we do know is that cancer cells are the only ones that digest the substance. That is why a group of researchers have mixed a molecule in the venom of the scorpion that glows under a special light, so that you can "see" it if it must be removed by surgery. This would prove to be a more effective, fast and easy method. While still not being implemented just yet due to the fact that it is still under investigation, this technique shows a lot of promise and represents major advances in cancer treatment.

3. Antibiotic Frogs

The Russian brown frog, whose skin secretes a sticky substance with antimicrobial properties, seems to be a new hope for treating infections. The idea arose because these live in damp areas which are usually populated by bacteria and fungi, so scientists were given the task to investigate and found 76 new substances that have antibacterial and antifungal properties, some even as powerful as many of the antibiotics that are used today. It is likely that these substances create new drugs to combat fungi and bacteria.

4. Mussels for your teeth

Tooth sensitivity can be a really annoying problem and occurs due to tooth enamel and dentin wear which is sensitive to cold and heat when it is exposed. The alternatives to treat this sensitivity are toothpastes and chewing gums containing minerals that adhere to the tooth and give relief to the discomfort, but their effects are not permanent.

The problem has attracted the attention of Chinese scientists who have been looking at mussels because they possess the ability to adhere to rocks by a kind of goo and have developed a similar substance. When teeth were treated with the substance and given a bath of minerals, the results were very favorable and were found to strengthen the enamel. This breakthrough could destroy toothpaste and most effective treatments for tooth sensitivity, in favour of a more natural remedy.

So although we may see extracting from animals as repulsive, unpleasant and even a little scary, they can hide numerous health benefits that are still yet to be discovered.

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4 Reviews about 4 Vermin that provide cures
on 08/04/2016
The way I look at it, common animals and "vermin" are just another natural part of our planet and any cure that is developed from them or takes a more natural approach to illnesses and conditions are probably a lot more likely to TREAT the cause of the complaint. Instead of just providing short-term relief for annoying symptoms which most modern-day medicines do. I liked this article very much - thanks for the information!
on 16/01/2015
This article was so mind blowing!! And when I read it, at first I kept thinking to myself "ew that's so gross!" but then Ithink about it and yeah! These "vermin" are just natural, earth-made creatures, so of course they contain organic compounds, some of which must be beneficial for certain conditions!
on 04/08/2013
I do not know if I could handle using this kind of things to improve my health and personal hygiene, I mean, there are many animals that serve but the only idea of thinking in them affects my stomach, just kidding haha but you know what I mean
on 01/07/2013
I could never imagined all the benefits of such ugly animals, these could have a good advance in all the topics related with medicine especially for hard diseases where people can?t have a cure because of the money and more, so I find it amazing! I hope to see more research about this!

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