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Veggie Pride: Vegetarian and Vegan pride

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Veggie Pride: Vegetarian and Vegan pride

We want assert our pride to refuse to kill animals for our consumption

  • We refuse to rob their only possessions beings, their own flesh, their own life.
  • We refuse to participate in a breeding system that converts the short existence of the animals in a real hell.
  • We refuse to do those things for the pure fact of satisfying our gluttony or in accordance with habits and traditions.

A refusal of this kind should be the minimum effort. But history shows how difficult it is to say "no" when barbarism had become a social standard.

We affirm our pride to say that "no".

Denouncing the veggiephobia

People aim to shame us. Vegetarianism is denied, ignored, ridiculed, marginalized and even defamed.

The vegetarianism is a clear to object against the legitimacy of cloistered and kill of billions of animals. By its very existence breaks the law of silence. Therefore causing laughter, hate and phobia.

Of course, the harmless vegetarian is respected when asserts that their lifestyle is just a "personal choice" arguing dubious reasons of health, environmental or noble asceticism. But poor of us if we openly challenge the barbarism!

First they laugh at us. Worrying about cows and chickens is ridiculous as it sounds. Ridiculing people is way to reject ideas that do not like with no arguments. But if we are not bowed, laughter turns into grimaces. We were bad, now we have become monsters. We are traitors to our own species for all non-consensual rights. Outraged parents for not starting our children in delight butcher. Followers of the Nazis because Hitler loved dogs. Members of sects because we do not like the rest.

They accuse us of being terrorists. Sometimes they say that we idolatrous nature, other times we do not respect their laws. Trying in any way to shame us or symbolically reject of the society.

But we refuse to be ashamed of our compassion. Let's stop hiding. Do not ask forgiveness for our refusal to kill. We're here living, thinking and making our position known.

Asserting that we exist

We are millions in the world who say "no" to the massacres. Most civilizations have questioned the legitimacy of being a carnivore. Is anyone talking about it? In schools, vegetarianism should not be defamed.

"The man who eats meat or the hunter who is content with the cruelty of nature keeps each bite of meat or fish that might makes right." - Isaac Bashevis Singer, Nobel Prize for Literature.

Saying that we do not eat meat shows that we live a lifestyle that is possible. We do not eat cows or pigs, chickens, fish or shrimps, and yet we live as well as the rest, despite what it disclosed of some "specialists" whose science seems to deny reality. Vegetarianism or veganism (which excludes all animal products from the farm, dairy and eggs) doesn’t have negative effects on health. Those studies show quite the opposite!

Killing to live is not inevitable, either individually or collectively. Livestock consume more nutrients from their dead meat. However, public money is invested heavily to keep the livestock and fisheries.

Defending our rights

Beasts bred for the slaughter, they have no rights at all but for us, we express our solidarity with them, gives a few, in theory. We want to exercise our rights, because they are ours, and they are yours, the only people who have today, although it indirectly.

  • We right foods in canteens at work, at school or at any other community.
  • We educate our children without imposing on the products of the slaughterhouse.
  • We refuse to participate in our tax funded butchers.

We want to break the silence that came with our ideas. We no longer want to be the only public speech in the industrial and intellectual way advocating consumption of meat.

We are open to discussions.

"We are a reflection of your guilty conscience and reflection that will not hide"

In the light of dozens of animals "destroyed" due to bovine encephalopathy and FMD, we were the only ones not to feel ashamed. Not to feel ashamed for us, but shamed by others.

But above all we feel sad. If we show our pride in refusing to barbarism, why not feeling satisfied?. The animals are slaughtered per billion. We'll be their voice until the cessation of the slaughter.

We are in solidarity with all animals.

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