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Vegetarianism and Evolution

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Vegetarianism and Evolution

Although vegetarianism is not the only path to evolution of humankind, is an important part. It purifies the blood, softens people's behavior and helps to improve our minds, our evolution. So that relations between individuals and nations are easier. Vegetarianism helps us to replace the brutal violence by the persuasive force of brotherly love, love that reaches us without any problem, surrounded by a spirit of support and participation. Thus, individuals and nations are recognized and better understood. When humans understand that there is no need to kill for food, they will find healthy food and energy in nature and only nature can give us this food. Encouraged by the positive results, we will concentrate our efforts in agriculture, and it soon will replace the rearing and slaughter of animals, whose bodies were cooked and seasoned to disguise their appearance, and odor. Red or white meat, chicken or fish, are actually dead. Along with alcohol, meat ruins people's health as it increases their animal instincts and aggressiveness. A human being that only eats meat won’t live long. Humans would have made considerable progress on the path that leads us to our true destiny when we realize the difference between the lamb that eats plants and the wolf that live from other animals, dead or alive. So we stop behaving like wolves towards our fellow humans.

If people choose not to eat as they should, circumstances will require them to do and teach them wisdom, this is the case when the meat is exported to be used for economic reasons and according to government orders, and leaves citizens with a diversity that had forgotten. A few years ago that happened in Argentina when women, who complained of not being able to give their husband a steak every day, they returned to the fresh vegetables, salads, cereals and soybeans. When well prepared, these foods satisfy the appetite more ferocious and the most refined of palates, whilst ensuring the good health to cleanse the body. Do not forget that the evil that exists in humans is found in the blood and is composed not only of what we eat and drink, but also what we think. Many people whose blood was clogged with toxins, animals, along with their organic waste, physical and psychological, have been detoxified and healed by a vegetarian diet which has considerably rejuvenated.

Natural therapists have been numerous instances of such cures. Today we can say that the cancer, the scourge of the modern world, would soon be in decline if people is honestly committed to purify themselves, if we adopt a healthy and well balanced vegetarian diet, if we change your mentality. This is a real revolution, freely accepted. If the cancer is treated correctly from the beginning, the damaged cells will be revitalized and other preserved, eating raw vegetables along with grains of wheat soaked (not sprouted).

Furthermore, to continue cleaning up the blood, it is recommended that people drink 1 ½ liters of mineral water from natural foods with a few drops of lemon juice. This water has to be "chewed" as a solid food, to be well mixed with saliva to predigest in the mouth, so it does not stay long in the stomach. These little tricks can even stop the spread of AIDS because the body develops an immunity to certain viruses and other external actors when it has natural defenses produced by a healthy diet without meat - is a good preventive.

35 years ago, when Sundari told his friends that some day in Argentina, due to circumstances, they will have vegetarian restaurants in Buenos Aires, they laughed, saying "That's impossible! Argentines are avid carnivores, and our meat is the best in the world”. There are now many vegetarian restaurants in the city center, which serves delicious vegetarian food.

Vegetarianism is the future of humanity. Ensures our good health and reduces disease. Diseases are a result of incorrect diet and mental and nervous tension caused by selfishness, pride and the growing materialism, while vegetarianism is the solution to the important problems of hunger in the world. When Latin American countries such as Argentina, realize this, they would be harvesting wheat, barley, millet and other cereals and soya in their vast territories not yet grown. Soy meat offers an excellent, very nutritious food. These countries will become benefactors of humanity, especially to feed the undernourished people who are on the planet. Their example will be followed by fraternal emulation based on love of neighbor, love that cannot accept the idea of people starving in the so-called civilized world. The land is generous and helpful to us when we grow for altruistic devastated when we stopped production and force only for personal material gain. Is not it essential for us to be happy and be in perfect health? We cannot be happy and be healthy when we are sick because we abused our bodies, when we develop bad actions that cause suffering to ourselves and our environment. For this we need to reform our character at a time that our dietary habits change. Only in this way people will feel free and happy, and will evolve into a flow of love and life that will allow us to keep the youth and the joy of living with that old age has nothing to do.

Author: Max Haerri
Global Director of the school essentially based on the philosophy
Sundari - original translations by Hugh Rees, Milan - Vegetarian commission by the Associazione Italiana (AVI)

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1 Reviews about Vegetarianism and Evolution
on 10/03/2014
Nice article, I love it, It really can help you do change for now, thinking not only in you but in the rest of the humanity who needs food and better production of it, the meat is nothing but dead weight which is not good for us at all, but we must understand this first?.

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