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The word vegetarian was coined by the founders of the British Vegetarian in 1842, and derives from the Latin word vegetus, which means "full, healthy, fresh and lively."

The original meaning of this word implies a balanced philosophical and moral sense of life that goes far beyond a simple diet of vegetables and fruits.

Vegetarianism is an essential step towards a better society, and refers to the practice that prevents the food intake of all types of animal meat.

Types of Vegetarian

Vegetarian (itself): is the term encompasses all persons in their diets do not include meat of any kind.

It is interesting to know the different variants is that word and could be classified as follows:

Ovi-lacto vegetarian: in addition to food of plant origin, they also included in their diet products from animal as eggs and milk.

Ovi-vegetarian: includes eggs.

Lacto-vegetarian: drinks milk and animal byproducts.

API: is the prefix that designates who consumes honey, and generally can refer indiscriminately to any of the grades as described above.

Vegan-Vegetarian: who follows a diet based exclusively on food of plant origin, with no exceptions of any kind, excluding the use of animals or products that have implications for their manufacture or suffering of any animal.

Raw-Vegetarian: is one who eats all raw fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, legumes, cereals, sprouts, etc. They don’t cook or have hot meals, all prefer to eat raw in their natural state.

Fruit-Vegetarian: feed exclusively with fruit, usually raw. This is the power that comes closest to perfection of the human food.


From remote antiquity we have specific references to the physical and spiritual benefits of vegetarianism, we mean the oldest writings of mankind, as they pertained to Traditional Chinese Medicine (more than 3000 BC) Ayurveda or Traditional Medicine (more than 3000 BC), as well as we can find references in the Bible (Old and New Testament) and other sacred books of humanity, and do not forget the big list of famous people of all ages who have been vegetarians and lovers of nature that have circulated in his day.
Just in the last century, the movement began to organize in the West, and in 1889 was founded the Vegetarian Federal Union to unite vegetarian societies from all over the world. The first World Vegetarian Congress was held in Chicago, USA, in 1893 after the other in London, England, in 1897, 1901 and 1905. As a result of discussions between individuals and societies, the Vegetarian Federal Union (in 1908 and during a conference held in Dresden, Germany), was replaced by the International Vegetarian Union.


These are the ethical reasons that lead many people to become vegetarian, leaving the other reasons in the background. Consider the animals as our brothers, is without doubt a happy decision, worthy of a human being.

Just look carefully, you will see the life where human take ineffective actions in relation to the environment, either by large daily killing of animals as well as by the continuing lack of care with the natural environment.

If you do not need to kill for food, then why to do that?

Let’s ask some carnivore if he would eat his beloved pet, that does not answer of course, making clear the true spirit of man, but you would not think the same way if it is any other animal, and not even had to sully their hands to take his life.
Many would become vegetarians if they had to kill animals that eat or simply visit a slaughterhouse.


The benefits are many and harm none; of course there will always be critics of the natural, pseudo-scientific arguments that seek to try to convince us that we should eat what is artificial. But is not like that, so simple and natural foods hold the great truths of humanity.

The benefits of a vegetarian diet are:

  • It is complete, because there are abundant proteins, carbohydrates, fats, minerals, vitamins and water.
  • No putrefaction occurs in the intestine, thus you avoid this very important cause of infection and toxemia.
  • Food is strength and endurance, for its abundance of carbohydrates (muscle fuel).
  • Leaves enough rest to the viscera, because putting to work neutralize toxicity, which requires the ingestion of animal products.
  • Avoid painful and unnecessary slaughter of animals. Vegetarian food is the physical basis of pure thought, the domination of passion and love of spirit.

Getting Started

As in all aspects of life, and this is no exception, there are several ways to reach, in this case to vegetarianism, some shorter than others, some faster than others, some more effective others, again, as in everything.

You can start suddenly or gradually change, it will depend on the individual, it is recommended to always consult a doctor who knows the subject, he will advise the ideal way, as the characteristic of each body and mind.

While one may start for various reasons such as for health, for love of animals, in religious matters, for humanitarian reasons, or simply return to our nature, we see that when the change comes into effect, all these apparent reasons, are unified and are complemented perfectly. The start can be accompanied by readings from scientific, religious, medical, philosophical, nutritional or culinary topics. At this time, is easy to understand, and also for any professional or scholarly.

Sometimes it is useful to perform a vegetarian cooking course or study related, there are also very good bibliographies, you can learn to cook nutritious and very tasty with books or notes.


All the major religions of the forbid the man to kill.

For example:

  • The Old Testament warns: "Do not kill" (Exodus 20:13)
  • In Leviticus, Moses
  • The Prophecies of Isaiah
  • The Prophecies of Ezekiel
  • Muhammad in the Koran
  • In the Bhagavad-gita (5.18),
  • Gautama Buddha, introduced nonviolence and vegetarianism
  • In the old Code of Manu (1200 BC)
  • The Seventh Day Adventist Church,

Source: Vegetarian Union Argentina

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2 Reviews about Vegetarianism
on 08/08/2014
Interesting. I didn't realize there were so many different classes of vegetarianism. I commented earlier that I've been eating primarily vegetarian, not because of strict beliefs, but more or less because after the reasearch I've done (and personal experimenting), I truly think it is the best way to eat. We do eat fish and freshly hunted game, since we live in Alaska, but I think these are all healthy food sources as well.
on 03/01/2013
Hello good morning I was just looking up for this topic because maybe I0m going to try to become a vegetarian, I?m sick of the processed foods and meats and maybe I need a personal change, I think I?m going to try this activity for a while and see what happens, if I like that then I?ll stay vegetarian for longer time

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