Vegetarian diet to lose weight and regain vitality Vegetarische Ernährung, Gewicht zu verlieren und wieder Vitalität Dieta vegetariana para adelgazar y recuperar vitalidad

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Vegetarian diet to lose weight and regain vitality

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Vegetarian diet to lose weight and regain vitality

Following a vegetarian diet for eleven days will not only help to remove excess fat in your abdomen, hips or legs, but will be an excellent way to remove all accumulated toxins in your body, which might be causing a number of issues such as skin problems, headaches and stomach, allergies, weak hair, cellulite, morale declined, erosion and problems of all kinds.

The vegetarian diet is to not eat meat, nor any of its derivatives, including fish and tuna, for eleven days, and consuming fruits, water and fresh vegetables. Do not be scared of proteins. In fact, if you're an athlete, or have a strong physical, you can try it without any problems. If you look in nature there are many large animals, vigorous, strong and muscular, they are vegetarians, so we have the elephant and rhinoceros. What happens is that you have the idea that if meat is not eaten the body runs out of protein, but do not forget that your body can synthesize its own protein if you give the necessary elements. With this diet you can mineralize your body, detoxify, restore balance and energizing vitamin bodies, in addition to cleaning grease those places where it builds up.

This is a very simple diet to carry out in reality, what must be taken into account is not to overextend eating bread or biscuits, which is a very common reaction if you have never stopped eating meat, because it is very likely to feel you do not eat enough, or things like that. If you feel that you stay hungry, you should make an effort to eat more salad, or an extra juice, maybe some bread or biscuits without exceeding. You also need to take care not to fry food, and cook steamed vegetables, almost raw. If you want a salad dressing or something sautéing, use olive oil cold pressed.

Here we give you the list of foods so you can build your menus to your liking. Be aware also that most foods contain amino acids, and which do not. It is important to remember that is not allowed to eat eggs or cheese, or any animal derived.

1. Cerealsare a rich source of lysine, an essential amino acid to synthesize proteins. You can consume all the time.

2. Fruitsare rich in minerals, vitamins and are an excellent source to hydrate and detoxify your body. Citrus fruits like orange, guava, strawberry, pineapple, lemon, and so on should be used in the morning before any food. For some this may be difficult, since work or things like that. But if when you pick up the first thing you do is make a smoothie citrus with a little honey, so when you finish showering and make past eleven minutes. Everything is becoming a matter of habit, but you will see that this gives you great results. Sweet fruits like pear, mango, banana, etc., shall be used at mid-afternoon.

3. Legumes: is the best choice for to replace animal protein as amino acids are important. It is therefore essential that you buy vegetables varied and different mixes of salads at lunch, so you have an abundant supply of amino acids and enzymes that your body requires.

4. At breakfast: you can choose a breakfast with bread and put some tofu on top, or a little honey granola. If this does not satisfy your appetite, you can get an oat porridge. This is prepared with a glass of soymilk, a little vanilla, two tablespoons of oats and honey to taste. Besides being highly nutritious, will satisfy any hunger. It is important that you include in your diet oilseeds. Walnuts, almonds, peanuts, etc. should be present in your diet every day. More care not to abuse the almonds.

5. At lunchtime: you can choose anything you like that has no meat. Suggested foods are soups, rice dishes, salads, stews soybeans, tofu prepared, vegetarian sushi, vegetarian pizza, pasta, beans, lentils, cooked vegetables , and so on. The key to lunch is not combine more than two-cooked food at a time, meaning that if you choose to eat soup, you should continue with a salad, or pizza, if you choose a vegetarian stew, this will be followed by a salad. In these eleven days combine two non-cooked food at once, such as soup and stew. This is necessary to get the best results.

6. For dinner: you can eat any of the above stews, in a much smaller amount, plus dinner two hours before sleep. You need to eat an apple before you sleep.

7. The fresh vegetable juices are indispensable. You must take at least a pint of them daily. Juice can do for these combinations of vegetables that you like, varying the vegetables. For example, carrots with alfalfa, spinach with carrots, celery, spinach and carrots, and so on. The carrot can serve as a base because it gives a sweet flavor to the juices. It is important not to combine this with any fruit juice, and the preferred drink in the afternoon.

Go ahead, remember that they are only eleven days. What are eleven days of your life?

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4 Reviews about Vegetarian diet to lose weight and regain vitality
on 18/09/2015
A lot of the foods that we choose to eat in today's "modern" diet really do weigh teh body down, and in so many ways are detrimental to our health, both physical and mental. I am a huge proponent of eating anything fresh and real. If it grows in the ground and is not's good for you
on 04/07/2014
on 01/06/2014
very good indeed! I've been thinking on doing this but it was just a small thought, I need to change that...
on 08/10/2013
I was just thinking on following a short diet like that and maybe if I get used, then quit eating animal meat for once, but I am still afraid of doing that as I am a huge lover of the meat and this could really change my life style in every aspect, so I am not pretty sure if I am ready now

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