Vegetables in your daily diet Wichtiges Gemüse in der täglichen Ernährung Verduras importantes en tu dieta diaria

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Vegetables in your daily diet

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Vegetables in your daily diet

The vegetables are rich in water, rich in protein that has very few calories and cholesterol. The vegetables are of great importance in the diet, containing mainly cellulose, which is responsible for facilitating the movement of all intestinal and digestive system. Vegetables contain many vitamins and minerals; garlic, celery, kale, watercress and spinach are high in minerals. Besides leafy green vegetables are rich in chlorophyll, which is an antioxidant and insurmountable rejuvenating. Then we give you a guide which contain small number of vegetables to eat when you consider more deeply your menu and you can serve the benefits of nature. Always remember that vegetables are more nutritious and beneficial in their raw state.


One of the stars of the vegetable nature is the carrot. It is really a source of carbohydrates and vitamin A. This vegetable contains iron, magnesium, a high percentage of carotene, sodium, potassium, ascorbic acid, folic acid and calcium. For the visual, it has always been preferred over everything, the carrot is also very important to include in the diet in the period of growth, digestive problems, in poisoning of the blood and liver problems. It rich source of natural fiber which helps to evacuate the bowels, highly recommended for those prone to constipation. The carrot is also a very important for skin problems, the consumption of carrot promotes a healthy and full of life skin. If there are long times being in front of the monitor, do not forget a carrot juice with celery for visual fatigue.


It is a vegetable rich in calcium, magnesium, potassium and ascorbic acid. It also contains iron, sodium, zinc and niacin. This food is rich in vegetable fat, ideal to beautify the skin and hair. Apart from consuming avocado, you can use it to make nourishing masks and give your skin a very smooth appearance.


Rich in calcium, and if it is from organic agriculture, is good providing good amounts of iron, calcium, magnesium, thiamin, and even vegetable protein. It is a rich source of retinol. The lettuce is an excellent fiber for the digestive system, acts on the nervous system provides the skin relaxed and nice effect. To sleep deeply, eat a salad at night or even a tea with the leaves of the lettuce. This remedy is suitable for children if you sweeten the tea with a little honey. If the baby is very small, you can add in the tub some lettuce leaves in the bath at night to sleep deeply.


It contains a large amount of moisture and a considerable proportion of potassium and sulfur. Radish roots contain a high percentage of mustard that is what gives its pungent flavor, and pungent flavor promotes the solvency of phlegm or mucus. Therefore, radish is very effective for treating those ailments where there is cold and phlegm as the cold, sinusitis, influenza, etc. Radish juice doesn’t not only fight these diseases but helps to regenerate the body's mucous membranes. And considering that the mucus usually comes from a high toxicity in the body, horseradish is also recommended as a very effective body cleanser.

To combat cough, flu or cold in a natural way, try the following juice: A glass of carrot juice with the juice of three radishes and a few drops of lemon. If you like, add a little honey. If drinking the juice you cry, it means that your body is really quite full of mucus. It is recommended that you do not take the juice only of radish because it is very irritating.


Small green vegetables very rich in potassium, magnesium and other minerals. This vegetable can be a very fun food for kids if you add to rice or as a garnish dishes. Try cooking peas steamed with a little butter and salt and serve alone in a saucer, you can put a figure for the kid. You will see how kids love that!


A vegetable with a percentage of phosphorus, sulfur, potassium and protein. It's nice to eat raw in salad dressing with a little natural. The cauliflower is a food, if eaten in excess, can be a little irritating for the kidneys. Therefore, we must always practice the balance throughout the food.


Rich in oils and carbohydrates, is a rich source of potassium, calcium, silicon, phosphorus and iron. Its benefits are highly purifiers, it is diuretic and laxative, and is very effective for eliminating intestinal parasites. It helps control high blood pressure.

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1 Reviews about Vegetables in your daily diet
on 28/09/2015
I always try to make sure that I'm getting enough fruits and vegetables every single day, and a good variety at that! Every day for lunch I will have some sort of freshly prepared meal, including sweet potatoes, broccoli, or stir-fry, and you can feel the way your body is healthy!

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