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Values, generosity and other reflections

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Values, generosity and other reflections

Values: 24 issues to clarify them

The most beautiful day? Today
The biggest obstacle? Fear
The easiest thing? Mistakes
The biggest mistake? Abandoning yourself
The root of all evil? Selfishness.
The most beautiful Distraction? Work
The worst defeat? Discouragement
The best teachers? Children.
The first need? Communicating
The most happy thing? Be useful to others
The greatest mystery? Death
The worst flaw? The bad mood
The most dangerous person? The liar
The most dastardly feeling? Rancor
The most beautiful gift? Forgiveness
The most essential? Home
The fastest route? The right path
Pleasant sensation? Inner peace
The more effective receipt? The smile
The best remedy? Optimism
The greatest satisfaction? The duty fulfilled
The most powerful force? Faith
The most needed people? Parents
The most beautiful thing of all? Love

Generosity: For another, the best

It was a poor marriage. She spun on the door thinking in her husband. Everybody was fascinated by the beauty of her black hair, long strands of brightness. He went to the market each day with some fruit. In the shade of a tree, sat down to wait, holding his empty pipe between the teeth. No money came to buy a pinch of snuff.

Approach the anniversary of the wedding and she did not cease to wonder what might give her husband. And besides, what money? An idea crossed her mind. She felt a shiver at the thought, but decided with joy; selling her hair to buy snuff.

Already, she imagined her man in the square, sitting with his fruits, by long puffs on his pipe: aromas of incense and jasmine would give the owner the solemnity and prestige of a true merchant.

She got her hair by a few coins, but carefully chose the finest box of snuff. The scent of crumpled leaves offset the sacrifice of her long hair.

Upon arriving in the afternoon, the husband returned. He came singing down the road. He brought her woman in a small package: they were a few combs for his wife, who had just bought after selling his old pipe ... embraced, laughed till dawn.

Thinking positive: The fable of the hawk

Once upon a time a farmer who, while walking through the woods, found a badly wounded hawk. He took it home, cured and placed it in the yard, where it soon learned to eat the same food that the chickens and how they behaved.

One day, a naturalist who went there he asked the farmer:
- Why this eagle, the king of all birds remains locked in the yard with the chickens?

The farmer replied:
- I found it badly wounded in the woods, and as I have the same food that the chickens and I have taught to be like a chicken, has not learned to fly. It behaves as chickens, and therefore is no longer an eagle.

The naturalist said:
- Its seems a nice gesture, having collected and carefully cured it. Moreover, you have given it the opportunity to survive and it has provided the company and the heat of the chickens in your yard. However, Eagle has heart and most certainly can be taught to fly.

What do you think if you put in a position to do it?
- I do not understand what you say. If it had wanted to fly, it would have done that. I do not have prevented ut.
- True, you do not have prevented, but like you said very well before, as it had been taught to behave like chickens, so it will not fly.

And if you teach it to fly like eagles?
- Why do you insist so much? Look, it behaves as chickens and is no longer an eagle, what can we do. Some things cannot be changed.
- It is true that in recent months is behaving like chickens. But my impression is that you look too much on its difficulties in flying. How about if we look now at the heart of eagle and their ability to fly?
- I doubt it, because what would change if instead of thinking about the problems we think of the possibilities?
- I think that’s a good question. If we think of the difficulties, it is more likely that we will comply with its current behavior. But do not you think that if we think of the possibilities of flying to give us this opportunity and test whether these possibilities, it becomes effective?
- Possibly.
- What do you think if we try?
- Try.

Lively, the naturalist took the eagle the next day, took it gently in his arms and to a nearby hill. He said:

- You belong to sky, not land. Open your wings and fly. You can do it.

Persuasive words di not convinced the bird. It was confused and seeing the chickens eating from the hill, it went to meet with them. It thought it had lost its ability to fly and was afraid. Undaunted, the next day the naturalist took the hawk to the roof of the farm and encouraged it saying

- You are an eagle. Open the wings and fly. You can do it.

The bird was afraid of itself again and everything around it. It never had seen from that height. Trembling, looked at once naturalistic and leaped toward the corral. Very early the next day, the naturalist took the hawk to a high mountain. Once there, encouraged it, saying:

- You are an eagle, open the wings and fly.

The hawk looked the eyes of the naturalist. He, impressed by that gaze, said quietly and smoothly:

- I am not surprised you are afraid. It is normal to have fear. But as you'll see it's worth trying. You can travel huge distances, playing with the wind and discover new eagle hearts.

The harrier looked around, down to the corral, and up into the sky. Then the naturalist lifted it toward the sun and caressed it gently. The hawk slowly opened its wings and finally with a triumphant shout, flew away into the sky. It had recovered to its potential.

Risk: The wings are for flying

When he became older, his father told him: "My son, not all born with wings. While not obliged to fly, I think it would be a pity limiting you to walk with the wings that God has given you. "
- Fly? But I do not know that - answered the son.
- True ... - said the father. And walk, took him to the brink of the mountain - you see, son? This is a emptiness. When you want to fly, come here, you're going to take air, you'll jump into the abyss, and spreading your wings, fly. The son hesitated.
- What if I fall?
- Even if you fall, you won’t die. Only a few scratches that will make you stronger for the next attempt - the father answered.
The son returned to town to see their friends, their colleagues, those who had walked with his whole life. The closer mind people told him: "Are you crazy? Why? Your father is half mad ... What do you need to fly? Why do not you let the crap? Who needs to fly."
Best friends advised him: "What if it were true? Is it dangerous? Why not starting now? Try to throw from a ladder or from the top of a tree. But... from the top?

The young heard the advice of those who loved him. Rose to the top of a tree and filled with anger, jumped. Deployed wings, waved in the air with all his strength, but unfortunately fell to the ground.
With a large bump on the forehead, crossed with his father.
- You lied! I cannot fly. I tried it and watch the blow that I have! I'm not like you. My wings are decorative.
- My son - the father said.- To fly, we must create the space needed to open the wings are deployed. It's like parachute jump: you need a certain height before you leap.
To fly we have to start taking risks. If you do not want, it might be better to resign and keep walking forever.

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2 Reviews about Values, generosity and other reflections
on 30/09/2014
This was a really intersting article, and really nice that you changed things up by telling stories, and making a different format. I'm not quite sure if I agree with the list of "mosts" at the beginning however. Life and reality are so respective to each individual, it's hard to ever clasify anything as "most" or anything, but it was a fun read. Thanks so much!
on 05/01/2014
I really enjoy when you publish stories that give us a great experience and teach us something very helpful for all, I love that type of short stories that you have chosen to share, very nice, and give you hope, and maybe a little encouragement to fly away in direction of what we love!

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