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V ValencianCongress on Organic Agriculture

Organic Agriculture Seminar in Valencia (SAE-hp), is an informal organization that brings together various entities involved in the promotion and dissemination of agriculture and organic food. Since 1997, Congress has held in different places (Burjassot, Orihuela, Castellon, Gandia), coordinated by different entities (SCV Over Noguera, CERAI, La Union and SEAE-COAG).

This year, the entity that coordinates this structure is the Committee of Organic Agriculture of Valencia (CAE-CV), which is supported by the Spanish Society of Organic Agriculture (SEAE) and the Miguel Hernández University (UMH), Elche, is either to make a call and invite them to participate and make contributions to V Organic Agriculture Seminar, to be held this fall.

V Congress intended to reflect and learn about the progress and prospects in the field of Organic Farming in our community, within an institutional framework conducive to the development state of this method of production, increasingly defendant by consumers. Moreover, the realization of this event coincides with the Master Agroecology Officer, Rural Development and Farm of the UMH, which will support the extension of the sustainable development of agriculture sector.

This year has been a topic related to the rescue shaft and use of traditional orchards that exist in the valleys of many rivers that were once a true food pantry, in a context of increasing conversion of arable land in lowland areas.

In this regard, we intend to further emphasize the positive impact to the environment in general and agriculture in particular that involves the introduction of a more sustainable management model.

We believe that the quality of Mediterranean agriculture is enhanced by the practice of farming and is connected, as at present and in the near future even more to plant production and organic livestock, which contribute to the sustainability of agricultural systems.

Topics to communicate

  • The Mediterranean garden and the AE
  • Quality and consumption of organic food
  • Environmental impact of organic agriculture and climate change
  • Organic crop and livestock production
  • Biodiversity in organic agriculture
  • Resources and inputs for organic agriculture
  • Agricultural Policies for Rural Development
  • Agricultural Education in Valencia and the European environment


This conference will be organized in thematic sessions with invited lectures, oral contributions and poster sessions.

Every day they organize panels and roundtables to promote interaction and participation in the sector. In addition, organized activities such as exposure to organic products, organic food, visits, workshops, etc.

Scheme program

First day, Thursday October 25th

09h:00-09h: 45 - Registration.

09h:45-10h: 30 - Opening ceremony.


00 - Rest.

11h:00-11h: 45 - Lecture 1: Value of the Mediterranean garden.

11h:45-14h: 00 - Working Session 1: Value of the Mediterranean garden. - Working Session 2: Quality and consumption of organic food.

14h:00-16h: 00 - Lunch.

16h:00-18h: 15 - Working Session 3: Plant production plant eco ecologic 1. - Working Session 4: Plant production plant ecology Eco 2.

18h:15-18h: 30 - Break.

18h:30-19h: 15 - Lecture 2: Rural Development

19h:15-20h: 30 - Round Table 1: Policies for agricultural development for rural development

At 21h: 00 - Home Town Hall

Second day, Friday, October 26

09h:00-09h: 45 - Lecture 3: Climate change and agriculture of Mediterranean

09h:45-10h: 30 - Lecture 4: Beekeeping eco


00 - Break

11h:00-13h: 15 - Working Session 5: Climate Change - Working Session 6: Apiculture

13h:15-14h: 00 - Lecture 5: Organic agriculture and the Vega Baja. and Vega Baja

14h:00-16h: 00 - Lunch

16h:00-18h: 15 - Working Session 7: Green Livestock - Working Session 8: crop production inputs and products.

18h:15-18h: 30 - Break

18h:30-19h: 30 - Panel 2: AE

19h:30-20h: 30 - Workshop 1: Biodiversity in organic agriculture

21h: 00 - Meeting of participants holiday

Third day, Saturday October 27

09h:00-09h: 45 - Lecture 6: organic olive oil.

09h:45-11h: 45 - Workshop 2: Compost. - Workshop 3: Olive oil in the community are worth Valencia.

11h:45-12h: 00 - Break.

12h:00-13h: 30 - Panel 3: Ecological restoration.

13h:30-14h: 00 - Reading and Closing conclusions.

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1 Reviews about V ValencianCongress on Organic Agriculture
on 25/10/2014
I've been reading all these articles lately on Spain and its focus on biodiversity and organic agriculture, and it really is making me quite anxious to get the US started on similar projects. There is an organic movement here, but it is still vastly limited to the upper class population. Poor people are still ever excluded from the right of consuming pesticide free food

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