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V Forum for Rural Living

Under the motto "Building Food Sovereignty from the local", this forum, organized by PLATAFORMA RURAL, ALLIANCE FORMING PART OF THE COORDINATOR AGRARIA COAG, will bring together over 300 delegates from both the national and international level

During the days 22nd, 23rd and September 24th, the Platform of Rural Spanish state holds the V of a World Forum for Rural Living in the town of Palencia Amayuelas. How to build from the local Food Sovereignty "is the central topic of Forum, the proposal argues that the social meaning of agriculture, which is none other than producing food for all citizens.

Platform Rural is an alliance of social organizations (agricultural organizations, consumer, environmental, and NGOs) that the past twelve years we worked together to defend a rural living, with a rural farmers, agriculture and citizens who were living at a time and enjoy it, managed integrated natural resources that belong to us all. Since the beginning of the Platform, COAG has actively participated and cooperated in its consolidation and development.

The V Forum will be attended by over 300 delegates from the various organizations that comprise the Platform Rural, among which a large representation of members of COAG, as well as representatives of ten countries of organizations linked to the international organization Via Campesina. The V Forum for Rural Living will put on the table the major issues and challenges faced by the people, and especially small farmers.

5th Forum for rural living world!!!

Platform rural / Rural Alliance for a living asked to mobilize to...


"Food sovereignty is the right of peoples of their countries or groups of States to define their agricultural and food policy, without dumping, against third countries."

September 22nd, 23rd and 24th, 2006

Amayuelas de Abajo (Palencia)

Part of the alliance: Black Africa, Friends of the Earth, CAS, Cáritas Spanish CECU, CERAI, COAG, Colectivo Tierra de Campos, Entrepueblos, C. Rural Youth, Rural Movement C., SEAE, SOC SODEPAZ, urpf, VSF, Vida Sana, Xarxa de Consum Solidari.

For food sovereignty of the People we hosted the 4th FORUM FOR RURAL LIVING, held at the Escorial in March 2004. Food Sovereignty is the political proposal of the Via Campesina carried by hundreds of organizations worldwide.

PLATAFORMA RURAL / PARTNERSHIPS FOR RURAL LIVING want to continue to deepen on this proposal, not to make it clearer what is, but, to reflect collectively on how to build each of our territories and from each of our organizations.

The 5th FORUM FOR RURAL LIVING is a new opportunity to share problems, struggles and hopes also to find the men and women who resisted the pulse and neoliberalism that for decades forced us to leave countryside and our towns, building new alliances and new collective projects, where the Food Sovereignty has to be the thread of each of them..

The 5th FORUM FOR RURAL LIVING is trying to turn a prelude to the International Conference on Food Sovereignty, which was convened by La Via Campesina, to be held in Mali in February 2007.

We invite you to mobilize and move on to find Amayuelas de Abajo days September 22nd, 23rd and 24th, 2006.

Globalize FIGHT, globalize HOPE!

The objectives that we proposed in this 5th Forum:

  • Deepen the proposed policy on food sovereignty.
  • Reflecting on the role of PLATAFORMA RURAL / Alliance for a living countryside for the construction of this proposal from local projects that we bring our hands in each of our organizations.
  • Advancing strategies and actions to build food sovereignty in each of our territories.

Activities that we develop:

  • Knowing the draft of Amayuelas as experience that welcomes us.
  • Meeting all participants of the 5th Forum and their daily struggles.
  • Contributions from peers in other countries to help us reflect.
  • Working to allow greater participation of the audience and a better realization of the projects we want to build.
  • Communication campaigns and joint actions to fight.
  • Space for the meeting of the networks we build.
  • Concert, theater, culture, party, meetings to charge the batteries, and fight ..!
  • Specific activities (child care) for children



10 / 14 h. Registration and collection of materials
10 / 12 h. Amayuelas project - group 1
12 / 14 h. Amayuelas draft - 2nd group
14.00 h. Lunch
16.00 h. Presentation of the 5th Forum and the participants
18.00 h. What is a Platform for Rural living? Jerónimo Aguado, president of Platform Rural.
19.00 h. How to build from the draft local food sovereignty. Francisca Rodriguez ANAMURI (Chile) and a group of fellow farmers MST (Brazil)
20.30 h. Creation of working groups:

  • Agrarian reform, speculation in land and land uses. SOC CERAI Y coordinates
  • struggles against the transnational companies. Ecologists in Action coordinate.
  • Fair trade and alternative marketing channels. Coordinates BAH, Xarxa de Consum Solidari and SODEPAZ
  • Utilities for a living countryside. Caritas Españolas coordinates and CAS
  • farming and the right to food. Coop APISQUILLOS and coordinates the VSF.
  • The construction of another ethical and solidarity economy.
  • Art as a commitment to building a Rural Living. Coordinates RED SPANISH ARTISTS FOR A RURAL LIVING
  • City Power and participatory democracy. Coordinates CAS

21.00 h. Dinner
22.00 h. Concert: "Barcelona Intimíssimo Café" by Burruezo & Bohemia Camerata.


09 / 14 h. Work in groups
14.00 h. Lunch
16 / 20 h. Campaign-Presentation:

  • combating major surfaces. Do not eat the Present World
  • No, no and no GMo!. Ecologists in Action

Simultaneous presentation of networking:

  • Seed Fair Trade
  • Soy of Paulo Freire-Rural University

20 / 21 h. Space for the encounter
21.00 h. Dinner with the contribution of foods from each of our people
23.00 h. Theater: bar code, represented by the group THE NAAN - Alkimia 130


09.00 h. Presentation of the conclusions of the working groups, networks and campaigns
11.00 h. Synthesis, political debate
13.00 h. Strategies-fighting commitments for the next two years of work

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1 Reviews about V Forum for Rural Living
on 29/11/2015
I think it's funny (ironic) that as the world's population grows, the idea of 'rural living' becomes more and more popularized. I think we're realizing that living in cities definitely has it's drawbacks, but rural living too is not perfect. There's pros and cons to both.

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