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Using the Chi Kung method to lose weight

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Using the Chi Kung method to lose weight

One way to lose weight quickly, naturally and permanently is the method proposed by the Chi Kung, an Oriental practice combined with breathing exercises: a very effective method for mobilising harmful toxins and accumulated fats in the body.

If you follow this series of exercises combined with breathing, you will help your body to mobilise and change your metabolism. Furthermore, if you are patient and consistent, you may find that combining it with diet will help your gain effective results, ensuring that excessive weight is worked off and stays off. You may also begin to notice an improvement in your general health and will see your tissues, cells and organs reinvigorated as proper oxygenation helps nourish your body with new energy and activated nutrient circulation.

And if all this were not enough, you may also begin to notice that you are sleeping better and you have much more energy, with any excessive energy discharged, and your whole body feels more relaxed.

Why does proper breathing help lose weight?

Oxygen is energy that powerfully influences the body, most especially your metabolism which helps not only to lose weight but to change the way you process and digest your food.

Why do some people struggle to gain or lose weight?

If you are very thin or are overweight, it means that somewhere in your body there is an energy imbalance. When you learn to breathe and harmonise your energy through

certain exercises and proper breathing, your energy will balance out and your weight will begin to stabilise.

Moreover, breathing exercises use your abdominal muscles with great intensity, which helps you burn abdominal fat, reduce your waist size and firm the abdomen.

Introductory psychophysical exercises to lose weight:

You must be patient, consistent and work each day for no less than forty minutes, twice a day, so that you can start to see results soon. You must do the exercises daily.

Breathing exercises to lose weight

Exercise 1:

1. Start stretching your body and feet with your legs straight and your spine aligned. Raise your arms as if you were to touch the ceiling, stretching one arm first and then the other.

While doing this movement, close your eyes and while you stretch your left arm, inhale, inflating the lower abdomen as if it were a balloon.

2. Once you've had enough air, exhale while you stretch the opposite arm and relax the first arm that was stretched.
3. Repeat 20 times, slowly, becoming aware of the air you breathe and push gently with your abdomen.

Exercise 2:

1. Sit on the floor with your knees bent to your chest and your hands at your sides with your palms on the floor. Keep you back straight.

2. Stretch the right leg first while inhaling. Keep the leg taut and off the ground, hold in the air for a few seconds.

3. Then, put the right leg back to the original position while exhaling hard, squeezing the abdomen and removing all air.

4. Repeat the same exercise with the other leg. Repeat the sequence ten times.

Exercise 3:

1. Lying on the floor, inhale by pushing air into the lower abdomen.

2. Tense your whole body, squeezing legs, arms, back, buttocks, etc., but without exhaling.

3. Hold this pose for five seconds.

4. Relax the whole body as you exhale.

5. Do this slowly the first three times, and then accelerate your breaths and exhalations.

Do this fifteen times.

Exercise for 10 minutes to do at work or rest time:

1. Sitting, close your eyes and position your back as if it was stuck to the back of the chair.

2. Raise your arms like you want to touch the ceiling, while inhaling and inflating your abdomen.

3. Hold your breath while keeping your belly inflated with air content.

4. Hold this pose for five seconds and gently exhale as you lower your arms, deflating your abdomen as much as possible.

Complementary Diet:

For these exercises to produce more pronounced results for you, combine drinking a light boldo infusion while fasting with the juice of half a lemon, then later two glasses of warm water.

Try to eliminate processed, starchy, sugary foods and chemical additives from your diet.

For two weeks trying to avoid all animal proteins, especially if your weight is excessive or if you have a severe illness. Try to include sprouts, lentils, raw oats, plain papaya for breakfast, as well as chia, flax and nuts into your daily diet.

Follow these three tips daily, and you yourself will notice as you begin to lose weight and feel much more energetic and rejuvenated.

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